Art in Waggoner

  Art at Waggoner
Waggoner Library is privileged to have received several unique works of art from Trevecca alumnus, Harold Ivan Smith.  The following is a list of artworks donated by Harold Ivan Smith and their location in the library.  Several framed prints were donated in honor of Mrs. Ruth Greathouse.  They are noted by the * preceding the title of the work.

    Main Floor
  • Psalms 23 gold leaf bowl
  • The Saint John’s Bible: Gospels and Acts
  • * ‘Faith is…’ color print    
  • Porsche glass mirror sculpture donated in honor of the Class of 1969
  • Bronze Boy - located in lobby - Booker
  • Bronze Girl – located by front doors - Paige
  • *‘Swept Away’ – signed print by Robert Duncan
  • *‘Quiet Contemplation’ – signed print by Randal Spangler
  • *‘Tapestries’ – signed print by Joy Wallace
  • ‘Nightable’ – Fanny Brennen, Folio X - Miniatures
  • ‘Floating Books’ – Fanny Brennen, Folio XI - Knowledge
  • ‘Pyramid’ - Fanny Brennen, Folio XI – Knowledge
  • Parchment calligraphy by Timothy Botts
    * donated in honor of Mrs. Ruth Greathouse

    Second Floor
  • Leonardo DaVinci relief
  • Abstract painting by Gonsalves
  • Print by Barbara J. Klein – castle on an open book
  • Pencil drawing of Jesus’ head by Richard K. Strome
  • Metal sculpture of the three wise men
  • Small Bronze sculpture of Mercury 
  • Bronze head bust
Ground Floor
  • Painting of child’s amusement park
Other works of art

Local Nashville 'plein air' painter, Michael Gray, has several paintings hanging in Waggoner Library. 
  • 'Harpeth River in the Fall' - located on the main floor. 
  • The grand stairwell has two breath taking paintings of Fall Creek Falls.
  • 'Poppy Field' - located on the stairwell landing

Former Trevecca President, Homer Adams, donated the impressive eagle print hanging on the second floor.