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Latest addition - Dr. Millard Reed Collection

Several items in the collection or soon to be added:

  • Dr. Reed’s dissertation 
  • Pentecostal Mission: A History 1898-1915. This book is based on a paper that Dr. Reed wrote.
  • A Century in Christ 1898-1998
  • Take Care Man (1969)
  • Consider the Lilies (1998)
  • Let Your Church Grow (1976)
  • Family Love in All Dimensions (1976). Dr. Reed was a contributor to this publication.
  • It’s Your Serve (with Jan Forman) (1989)
  • Reed Family Cookbook (2001)
  • We’ve Had a Good Time (Intro by Dr. Reed)
  • Overland Park Church of the Nazarene (Dr. Reed was pastor for 8 years, beginning in 1966)
  • From a Pastor’s Heart (has the story of his dad’s ministry)
  • Photo of church in Hannibal, MO (where Dr. Reed's father was pastor) 
  • High School Newspapers
  • Treveccan 1995-2005
  • College/Seminary term papers and other major projects
  • DVD – General Assembly 1989
  • Barbara and Millard Reed Christmas tape
  • Newsletters from First Church of the Nazarene, Nashville
  • V. Gene Smith (Dr. Reed’s music minister) music