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Waggoner Librarians collaborate and work with all schools or divisions on campus.  Liaisons work with the faculty and chair of the various schools to assist in collection development, online resource training, budget updates and as advocates for their school/division within the library. Please feel free to contact your liaison for any type of library assistance. Liaison assignments are:
Dunn Conference Room
This room is available for departmental and committee meetings as well as some class meetings.  Reserve this room by using the Facilities Request form on the MyTNU page.
Faculty Research Room
Located on the second floor is a room available for faculty research.  Contact Ruth Kinnersley for details.
Information Literacy Sessions
Waggoner librarians are committed to “teaching our patrons how to fish” in order to become information literate and life long learners.
  • Traditional students receive instruction in library resources in one or both of the required core English courses and information regarding academic honesty and how to avoid plagiarism.
    • Eng1020 English Composition – general overview of resources and/or understanding scholarly journals v general magazines.
    • Eng1080 Critical Reading & Writing – advanced search strategies, Web evaluation.
    • Eng 2000 World Literature - researching literature criticism resources.
  • Courses that are entry level to a major are important places to bring students into the library for a specialized session that is tailored to that discipline. For example, the course Foundations of Education is the course in which students are introduced to ERIC along with other specialized education resources available in Waggoner Library. 
  • MHR students (on site and off site students) can receive instruction during their Library Research Seminar, part of the Action Research Project. 
  • Graduate students (on site and off site) participate in a library instruction session at the beginning of their course sequences.
  • Whenever you make a research assignment in your class, we would like to encourage you to consider scheduling an instruction session. Sessions will be tailored to your assignment needs.
  • Faculty can schedule a research day in the library but please notify the library regarding date, time and what project they will be researching.
  • Faculty are trained and kept up to date regarding new resources on a regular basis. 
  • Information Literacy sessions are held in the library’s Instruction Room, main floor.
  • To request a session email Sarah Keil, Instruction & Serials Librarian.

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Instructional Resources Center
The library’s  media resources - music CD’s; DVD’s;  educational software programs and media production tools - scanner; color printer; digital video camera; color poster maker; Ellison die cuts; film for creating transparencies; - are housed in the Instructional Resource Center, ground floor of  the library.  A dedicated faculty workstation is available with additional capabilities.  The IRC also provides listening and viewing rooms.  The objective of the IRC is to make readily available for inspection, evaluation and implementation, educational materials of the highest quality produced for use with children from preschool through grade 12.  The IRC is where media materials are placed on reserve.

The video collection for the library is housed here.  Two PACs and a copier are available.   Laminating services and transparency production are available.  A list of educational software, new technology, and services can be obtained by contacting Judy Bivens, Instructional Resources Librarian at ext. 1206.  

Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service provided by Waggoner Library whereby books and copies of articles not available in our collection may be ordered from other libraries.  For assistance, please contact Karla Wardlow ext. 1548.
  • ILL requests are free (unless there are charges imposed by the lending library)
  • Theses and dissertations may be ordered, but are sometimes difficult to obtain and often incur extra charges.
  • Most libraries do not loan videos, reference materials, or entire issues of periodicals. An ILL request form needs to be completed for each item being requested.  Please note that there is a different form for books and for articles.  ILL forms can be completed online using the Interlibrary Loan link on the library homepage. Print forms are available at the circulation desk on the main floor.
  • Please allow 5-7 days for receipt of material (ATHENA materials usually arrive within one week) No fine charges for faculty members.  However, in order to help us remain in good standing with the lending libraries, please make every effort to return materials on or before the due date given.  To renew items, please contact Karla Wardlow.
  • Lost or damaged items incur charges as imposed by the lending library.  The faculty member may keep article copies.
  • To comply with copyright guidelines, we can request only five articles, published within the past five years from a particular journal per calendar year.  There is no restriction for articles older than five years. 
  • Other copyright information is included on the request form.
Requesting Materials

Primarily, faculty members, through their department heads, make selection of library materials.  Suggested titles may come from bibliographies, journals, or publisher’s brochures. Administrators, students, and librarians may also make requests.  The Technical Services Librarian and the Director of Library Services make the final decision on any request.

  • Types of materials that can be ordered include, but are not limited to, books; reference materials; videos; music CD’s; journal subscriptions. No VHS format resources will be ordered as classroom technology supports only DVD.
  • Textbooks are avoided as they become out-of-date quickly. Students are encouraged to purchase their own copy.
  • Requests are submitted to your department head.  He/she determines the priority in types of materials and selection is made from that decision.  Orders may be placed through your department liaison or emailed to  *Please provide the following information if you don’t have a publisher brochure:  author, title, publisher, vendor, cost, ISBN, copyright date.
  • Journal requests are made through Sarah Keil, Instruction & Serials Librarian.
  • Duplicates or multiple copies are generally purchased only when the book is used on reserve.  One for each fifteen students is recommended.  Duplicate materials may also be acquired when either the author or subject holds a particular relevance to the University.
  • Paperback editions of books are bought before hardback when available.  Rising costs is the main factor for this policy.
  • Lost books are replaced after one year if the material is not outdated or out-of-print.
  • Weeding is encouraged.  This is done by faculty members approved by the department head once every five years.  When damaged books are pulled from the shelves, a decision to retain the book is made based upon its worth and value.
Research Guides are great online overviews to subject content in Waggoner Library. Print and electronic books, journals & databases, DVD & streaming video, RefWorks & citation tools are some of the components for each research guide. Library departmental liaisons provide the content and contact information.   Feel free to include links in your syllabi and to offer suggestions for resources

Tutorials provide the step by step guide to using the library website, searching databases and other library resources.

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