Frequently Asked Questions

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Circulation:     * Length of checkout * Overdues * Renewals * Laptops *
Citing/Documenting Sources:     * How do I cite ___? *MLA * APA * Chicago *
Contact the Library:     * Phone number * Email address * Ask a Librarian *
Dissertations/Theses:   * EdD * Grad Counseling * MHR Project Theses *

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Electronic Books:     * Access *  Printing * 
Finding Books:     * Searching the PAC * Finding the book on the shelf * Book not on shelf * Placing a hold 
Finding Journal Articles:   * Searching by journal title * Electronic Resources  *Databases * WebBridge * Print/microfilm journals *
Hours:    * Summer hours * Break/holiday hours * 
Instructional Resources Center (IRC):    *Videos * Juvenile literature  *  Music scores * DVDs * CDs * School textbooks * Media reserves *
 * Video cameras * Digital Cameras * Ellison Letter Machine * Laminating * Other *
Interlibrary Loan:    * Materials not available in Waggoner Library * Athena *
Laptops:     * Checkout * Personal laptops * Wireless  *
Library Account:    * What do I have checked out? * Renewals * Transferring fines to account *
Location:    * Where is it? * Restrooms * Photocopiers * Quick Lecture Hall *  Reserves * 
MHR Project Theses:    * Location * Checkout *
EBSCO Ebooks     * E-books * Access * Printing *
Photocopies:     * Photocopiers * Cost * Change * Charging my account *
Printing:     * Where do I print? * Cost * Charging my account * PDF files *
Remote Access:    *Access library off-campus * Access databases off campus * * Library barcode *
Reserves:    * Books * Audio-visual materials *
Students with Disabilities:  * Academic Support Center *   Workstation *
Study Guides:    * Dante’s * CLEP * Praxis *
Textbooks:   * College textbooks * Metro textbooks *
  • Who can use Waggoner Library?
    • TNU students and employees have access to all library services (full borrowing privileges, interlibrary loan, remote database access)
    • TNU alumni, Trevecca Towers residents and Nazarene pastors on the Southeast Educational Region have limited borrowing privileges
    • Other community patrons have limited access to on-site library resources


  • Who may get a library card?
    • TNU students’ and employees’ ID card is their library card
    • TNU alumni, Trevecca Towers residents and Nazarene pastors on the Southeast Educational Region may be given a library card from Circulation Services
  • How do I access the campus network?
    • To access the campus network you must have a network account already set up by the ITS Department
    • Username = First letter of first name, middle initial, last name (i.e.    JLDoe)
    • Password = Initial password will be provided by ITS.  You will then be prompted to create your own password
    • Library card holders unable to access the network may check out a Guest Pass at the Main Floor Circulation Desk

  • Where can I access Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)?
    • The 8 stand-up computer workstations by the Reference Desk are connected to the Internet; no network log on is needed
    • With network log on, the Internet and Microsoft Office may be accessed at the sit-down computers in the Information Services Area
    • The Internet and Microsoft Office are also available on the laptops that can be checked out from the circulation desk.  In order to save files to your campus drive it is necessary to log in through http://lester.trevecca.edu when using the library laptops
  • How can I access library resources off campus?
    • Go to the library web page (http://library.trevecca.edu)
    • Catalog may be searched by title, journal title, author, keyword
    • When accessing databases (electronic resources), interlibrary loan or My Account, you will be prompted for Name and Library Barcode. For those with a TNU ID, Library barcode is an 11-digit number comprised of your TNU ID followed by the 2 digits on the left-hand side of the ID card
  • Are there workstations in the library that will assist students with visual or hearing needs?
    • On the main floor of the library is a workstation designed for students needing visual or hearing assistance
    • Please ask at the Reference Desk for assistance

Cell Phones

  • Can I use my cell phone in the library?
    • We have designated “phone zones” for cell phone calls by the restrooms on each floor.  There is also a snack room located near the restrooms on the main floor
    • Please be considerate of other patrons in the library
  • How long can I check out library materials?
    • Main collection materials may be checked out by undergraduate students for 4 weeks
    • Videos and CDs from IRC may be checked out for 1 week
    • Graduate students have varying due dates, usually the last day of a class
    • For more information, see the circulation policies on the library web site
  • Will I receive overdue notices?
    • Patrons will receive a courtesy notice in there Trevecca email account two days before materials are due
    • Patrons will receive email notification of overdue materials. Two notices will be sent out followed by a final bill for replacement of lost material
  • How much money will I owe if my library materials are late?
    • Overdue fines are $.10 per day per book for main collection books
    • Interlibrary loan fines are $.50 per day
    • Audio-visual materials incur a charge of $1.00 per day
    • Overdue fines accrue up to a maximum of $7.00 per item
  • Can I renew my library materials without bringing them to the library?
    • Library materials can generally be renewed online – exceptions are DVDs, CDs and overdue materials
    • Go to library website (http://library.trevecca.edu) and My Account, logging in with your name and library barcode number
    • Select the item(s) you wish to renew
  • Are there laptops I can use in the library?
    • There are 16 laptops, as well as network cables, power cords, and mice that may be checked out from the main floor circulation desk
  • How do I cite ______?
    • Waggoner Library has online and print resources available to assist students in citing references
    • On the library website are listed some helpful sites for documenting sources in the various documentation styles (MLA, APA, Chicago) - go to Electronic Resources/Free Internet Resources

Contact the library

  • I have a reference question. How can I contact the library?
    • By phone 615-248-1214 (main desk)   615-248-1570 (reference desk)   615-248-1205 (IRC)
    • By email at library@trevecca.edu
    • By online chat “Contact Us” on the library home page
  • Where are the EdD dissertations kept?
    • One copy of the dissertations (PDEs) of the EdD students is located on the main floor of the library on the shelves behind the periodicals area.  A second copy is available on reserve at the main floor circulation desk
    • Dissertations are in-library use only
    • Available materials can be viewed by selecting 'Catalog Research' on the library home page and then choosing 'Reserves Search' from the menu on the right
    • Online versions of TNU dissertations are available through ProQuest Dissertations & Theses: Full Text
  • Do we keep the Graduate Psychology theses?
    • Yes, these are on reserve at the main floor circulation desk
    • They may be checked out for 2 hours use in the library
  • I am an MHR student. Where can I find copies of sample project theses?
    • Sample project theses are kept on reserve at the main floor circulation desk.
    • Samples for all three options may be checked out for 2 hours use in the library
  • How many eBooks does the library have?
    • We have over 85,000 eBooks available through EBSCO and eBrary
    • These eBooks appear in the (online catalog) along with the print titles
  • How can you tell if a book is an e-book?
    • They will have a red icon with the letter 'e' on it
    • There will be no Call Number or Location indicated 
  • How do you access the eBooks?
    • If you find the eBook on a results list from a catalog, click on the link for the title and then click on the link to access it through the Web


  • Am I able to download eBooks to an eReader? 
    • Yes, follow these instructions for downloading to an eReader
    • Only Kindles which allow ePub files can be used for library eBook downloads (Kindle Fire)
  • Do you need an account to access eBooks?
    • No.  However, you will need to install the eBrary reader on your computer to view their eBooks.  If the reader is not already installed, you will be prompted to do so when attempting to view an e-book
    • You will need to set up an account if you plan to download the book to an eReader


(see eBooks and eReaders)

Finding Books

  • How do I find a specific book in the library?
    • At the library website (http://library.trevecca.edu) you may do a Quick Search by title or author.  Types of searches can be changed by making a selection from the dropdown
  • Once I find a book listed in the catalog, where do I get it?
    • All main collection books are on the top floor of the library. They are shelved by LC classification number
    • Reference books are on the main floor – in house use only
    • IRC Collection is on the ground floor
  • What if I cannot find a book that says it is Available?
    • Please contact a library employee. They may double check first to see if the item was mis-shelved. 
    • If they are unable to locate the book, a Book Search form may be filled out. If the item is found, the library will contact you
  • Can I place a hold on a book?
    • If a book is currently checked out, a hold may be placed by contacting the library 248-1214
    • Items showing Available in the catalog cannot have a hold placed upon them
  • Where can I find your fiction books?
    • We have a leisure reading collection on the main floor
    • Other fiction books related to the curriculum are shelved in the literature section in the book stacks. They can be located by searching for particular author or title in the catalog
  • How do I know if the library has a certain journal/magazine/newspaper?
    • Go to the library website (http://library.trevecca.edu) and change the drop down to Journal Title search. Any holdings we have will display
    • If the journal is available in electronic format, there will be links to the appropriate database(s)

  • How do I access the library’s databases?
    • On the library’s web page there is a link to Electronic ResourcesThese electronic resources include the databases to which the library subscribes as well as links to helpful websites. These resources are listed by subject or you may search databases by name.
    • Some of the databases (ProQuest Central, Business Source Complete, and Academic OneFile) also have a direct link from the Electronic Resources page.
    • To access the databases from off-campus, you will be prompted for your name and library barcode. For more information, see the Remote Access section
  • I am searching for journal articles and am finding abstracts of articles but no full text. How can I get the full text?
    • When looking at a results list, or at an abstract of an article in our databases, you will see a WebBridge button. This will open up a window with possible full text options.
    • If the library carries this journal in another database, there will be a link to that database. You will need to make sure the dates covered by the database include the date of the article you need
    • There will also be a link to Search in Waggoner OPAC. You can click here to see if the library has the journal in its print or microfilm collections
    • The final link will be Request from Article Interlibrary Loan. If the article is not available in any format from Waggoner Library, you may request through interlibrary loan. Clicking this link will automatically fill in the bibliographic information of the article you are requesting. You will just need to fill in your name and library barcode number and submit the request. The library will receive your request and order an article reprint for you from another library
  • A journal I need is not available online, but in print/microfilm. Where do I get it?
    • Our print journals are shelved alphabetically on the tall shelves on the main floor of the library. Current issues are on the slanted shelves near the rotunda (HINT: lift up the shelf for additional issues)
    • Back issues, including bound volumes, are shelved alphabetically on the Periodical shelves behind the reference desk
    • Journals on microfilm are shelved in the microforms area
  • What are the regular library hours?
    • Mon-Thurs      8 am – midnight
    • Friday            8 am – 6 pm
    • Saturday       10 am – 5 pm                           
    • Sunday           2 pm – 5 pm & 8pm - midnight             
  • Are there different hours during the summer?
    • Mon-Thurs       8 am – 8 pm
    • Fri                  8 am – 6 pm
    • Sat               10 am – 5 pm
    • Sun                Closed
  • How will I know if the hours have changed?
    • Upcoming changes to regular library hours will be posted on the library website (http://www.trevecca.edu/library/hours) and on signage in the library
    • Holiday and break hours will be detailed on the main library voice message (615-248-1214)
  • Where can I find videos, DVDs, CDs?
    • The Instructional Resources Center (IRC) on the ground floor of the library houses all media
  • Can I have something laminated and how much does it cost?
    • Materials can be laminated in the IRC for a cost of $.50 per foot. Please allow 24 hours for completion of lamination
  • What all can I find in the IRC?
    • Media resources (DVD, CD)
    • Juvenile fiction and non-fiction collection
    • Music scores
    • Metro school textbooks
    • Educational software for K-12
    • Ellison letter machine
    • Laminating services
    • Video and digital cameras for rent
    • Supplies for sale (construction paper, roll paper)
  • Can I check out a video or digital camera?
    • Digital or video cameras may be checked out in the IRC
    • A $20 deposit is required, which is refunded when the equipment is returned on time
    • Overdue fines include the forfeit of the $20 deposit plus an additional $10 per day

Interlibrary Loan

  • What is interlibrary loan?
    • Interlibrary loan is a service offered by the library to current students and employees whereby books or journal articles not available in Waggoner Library may be obtained from other libraries
  • What kinds of materials can I request?
    • On the library website, there is a link for Interlibrary Loan. From this link you may submit an online request for a book, journal article, or dissertation. Print forms are also available at the main floor circulation desk
    • Audio/video materials may be requested but are harder to obtain as many libraries do not loan them
  • How long does it take to get interlibrary loan materials?
    • Please allow 2 weeks for materials to arrive, although they may arrive sooner
  • How much does it cost?
    • There is no cost for interlibrary loan materials unless the lending library imposes a charge (usually in the case of dissertations)
  • How long can I keep them?
    • Due dates for books and dissertations are set by the lending library – usually anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Article reprints may be kept by the requestor
  • Can I renew them?
    • To renew items obtained through interlibrary loan, contact the Interlibrary Loan librarian (Karla Wardlow, ext. 1548, kwardlow@trevecca.edu) before the due date so she can ask the lending library for renewal
  • What is Athena?
    • Athena is the name of a group of libraries in the middle Tennessee area. They have a shared catalog and lend material via a courier service
    • Some of the libraries in the Athena group are Nashville Public, Austin Peay, Belmont, Lipscomb, MTSU, Trevecca, TSU, and Vanderbilt
    • Materials ordered from Athena libraries are delivered via courier and usually arrive within one week
  • How do I order something through Athena?
    • Click on the Search Area Libraries  link on the library website, choose Athena and then complete a search
    • Click on the title of the desired item to view a link for Interlibrary Loan. You will be prompted to complete an online request form and submit the request
    • The information will be sent as an email to the Interlibrary Loan Services Librarian who will then request the item through interlibrary loan


  • Can I check out a laptop at the library?
    • Yes, there are laptops available for 3-hour checkout from the main floor circulation desk
  • Can I use my personal laptop in the library?
    • If you are a first time network user, you will be prompted to register your laptop with Campus Manager, the campus network management system that will check your laptop to make sure it is has the proper security features in place
    • It is strongly advised to view the Trevecca Information Technology Services page related to Internet Access before trying to access the TNU wireless connection


  • How can I tell what library materials I have checked out?

    • On our website (http://library.trevecca.edu), go to My Account, log in, and choose the button Checked Out Items. Books that are not overdue or on hold for someone else may be renewed online. Audio/video materials need to be brought in to re-check them out
  • Can I transfer money I owe to my student account?
    • No
  • Where are the restrooms, telephones, photocopiers
    • Restrooms are located on all 3 floors
    • There is a public telephone in the lobby area of Admissions the ground floor
    • There are photocopiers available on the main floor and in the IRC
  • Where are items on Reserve?
    • Books and articles placed on reserve for particular courses are located at the main floor circulation desk
    • Media items on reserve are available at the IRC desk
MHR Project Theses
See section under Dissertations/Theses:

  • Where are the photocopiers?
    • Photocopiers are available on the main floor and in the IRC
  • How much does it cost to copy something
    • Non-network users should pay $.10 per copy at the circulation or IRC desks
    • Network copying is billed to your student account


  • Can I charge my student account?
    • The digital copier automatically charges copies to your student account. You will need to enter your PIN number (last 4 digits of social security and last 6 digits of TNU ID)

  • Can I charge my student account?
    • If logged on to the campus network, student account is automatically charged for printing
    • Printing done from the stand-up computers on the main floor or with a guest pass cost $.10 per page
    • Pages can be retrieved at the circulation desk
  • I printed something, but I don’t know to what printer it printed
    • On the main floor, it will usually be WL_PacPrint 1 or 2, the printers at the ends of the rows of sit-down computers. If those printers are not available, it may print to WL-Lab12, the digital copier in the copy room on the main floor
    • It is wise to print by using the File/Print option so you can select the correct printer. The exception to this is when printing PDF files. In that case, use the printer icon associated with the PDF
  • How can I access the library resources from off-campus?
  • How can I access the databases from off-campus?
    • Go to the library web page (http://library.trevecca.edu)
    • Catalog may be searched by title, journal title, author, keyword
    • The databases are under the Electronic Resources link on the library homepage. You will be prompted to enter your name and library barcode
§         For TNU students and employees, your barcode is your 9-digit TNU ID number plus the 2 digits on the left side of the ID card
§         Users with the non-picture library card will enter the barcode number as shown on the card
  • How can I access the campus network from off-campus (i.e. ICE, Word, PowerPoint)?
  • My professor told me s/he put some books on reserve. Where would they be?
    • Books and articles put on reserve are located at the main floor circulation desk
    • The professor will set the length of time they can be checked out and whether or not they can leave the library
  • Where is the Fine Arts Listening CD?
    • All audiovisual (media) items on reserve are on the ground floor in the IRC
    • Soundproof rooms are available in the IRC for listening to and viewing media
  • What services are available for students with disabilities?
    • Students wishing to receive accommodation for a disability must register with the Academic Support Center in the CIT
    • There is a computer workstation located on the main floor of the library dedicated to those needing special visual or hearing assistance

Study Guides

  • Can I get study guides for CLEP and the Praxis in the library?


  • Does the library have textbooks?
    • Generally the library does not purchase college textbooks.   The IRC has a collection of K-12 textbooks used by Metro


We hope this information has been helpful. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact a real, live librarian. And remember ---
There are no dumb questions in the library!

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