Common Suggestions

Waggoner Library is always interested in improving its service to the University community.  Many suggestions are made through e-mails, personal interactions, and our comment boxes at the service desks.  These suggestions are handled directly through Ruth Kinnersley, our Director of Library Services.  On this page, you'll find many of our more common suggestions so you'll know what people are asking for and how the library is trying to meet the needs of its patrons. If you would like to make a suggestion online, please visit our Suggestion Box.

General Suggestions

Where's your fiction collection? | Please invest in more fiction books. | Do you have books for leisure? | Please purchase some GED study books.

The library's book budget is dedicated to supporting the curriculum.  Our purchases are made to help students do research and complete their college assignments.  Most fiction and general test study guides do not directly support the University's curricula, which is why we don't have certain kinds of books in the library. 

You might, however, be surprised at the number of fiction and/or leisure books available in our collections that were purchased to support English, religion, or other classes.  If you want to browse, check out the Main Collection on the upper level in the P call number section.  If you're looking for popular children's literature, look at the Juvenile or Graphic Novel collections in the IRC on the lower level.  There is also a small Leisure Collection comprised of donations on the main level.

Please stay open later. | Why aren't you open until midnight? | I think the library should be open 24/7.

For library hours click here.

Instructional Resource Center

Can I keep VHSs/DVDs longer? | Can non-students view DVDs?

While some of our videos have low use, it seems like everyone wants to use the same ones at the same time!  For this reason, we have short borrowing periods for videos.  Our video collection only circulates to students, faculty, alumni, and Nazarene pastors.


Can I check-out a laptop overnight?

The library's laptops have been designated for use in the library only.  At this point, we have no plans to change this policy.  Trevecca has a number of computer labs available for computer use if you don't have a computer of your own.