NLW Contest Essays

  “My Favorite Library Memory”

National Library Week 2011 Contest 

The winner of the 2011 NLW "My Favorite Library Memory" essay contest is Rebecca Broeker

Rebecca's essay is entitled 'My Library Gives Me Peace'.

Congratulations Rebecca!










Thank you to all those who submitted essays and helped create the Big Book of Library Memories.

A total of 21 essays were submitted, congratulations to all our contributors;

Erik Bjornsen, Rebecca Broeker, Tia Brown, Jordyn Cerda, Brent Chapman, Spencer Cole,  Kimberly Dyckman,  Cody Garrow, Lyndsi Groves, Debbie Jamison, Delaina Lantz, Rebecca Merrick, Ellona Moss, Hannah Schnebly, Shannon Slaughter, Sarah Suits, Sarah Taylor, Erin Tillson, Terry Travisty-Vasquez, Nicole Young, and Diane Zilinski!

Open the PDF link below and read our book of stories, a collection of all essays submitted. Essay Book.pdf