Renewing Materials

Renewing materials

You can renew your materials online if the following conditions are met:
1.  The materials are not overdue.
2.  The materials can be renewed (some materials can be checked out for only one circulation period, or the materials may have already been renewed up to the maximum number of renewals allowed).

How to renew online:
1.  Go to the library homepage:
2.  Click on the "My Account" button.
3.  When prompted, enter your name and barcode number.
4.  Click on the "Checked Out Items" button. You should see a list of the materials currently checked out in your name. (You may have to scroll down the page to see the complete list.)
5.  You can select individual titles to renew: click in the empty box next to each title you wish to renew and a check mark will appear. Then click on the "Renew Selected" button.
6.  You can renew all the materials at once by clicking on the "Renew All" button.
7.  If you have problems accessing your information or if materials cannot be renewed, contact the Circulation Desk at (615) 248-1214 for assistance.

Questions and Answers about Renewing materials

Q: My materials are overdue, so I can't renew online. What should I do?
A: Bring the materials back to the library. Once the materials are returned and you have paid the overdue fines, you can check the materials out again. However, if someone has placed a hold on the materials, you will not be able to check out the materials again until that person has a chance to check-out and use the materials.

Q: Can I renew materials by telephone?
A: If you live outside of Davidson County, we will renew your materials by telephone, even if they are overdue. You will still be responsible to pay the overdue fines which accrued up until the time the materials were renewed. Please remember that some materials cannot be renewed. For those materials, fines continue to accrue until the materials are returned.

Q: My materials are not overdue, but the system will not let me renew them online. What's wrong?
A: There are three possibilities:
1) You have already renewed the materials the maximum number of times they can be renewed, or the materials only circulate for one period and cannot be renewed.  
2) Someone else has placed a hold on the materials because they also need the materials you have checked out. When there is a hold on library materials, those materials cannot be renewed and should be returned to the library.
3) There is a problem with the computer system which prevents you from renewing online.

For any of these possiblities, it is best to call the library at (615) 248-1214 for assistance.