Student Circulation Policies

Student Circulation Policies

Main Collection

The main collection consists of all books housed on the upper level of the library, including the oversize books. It also includes the leisure book collection located on the main level of the library near the rotunda. Students can have up to fifteen (15) items from the main collection checked out at any one time.

Your TNU ID is your library card; be sure to present it when you check out materials.

All overdue materials must be returned and fines must be paid before further library materials can be checked out. Overdue fines for materials from the main collection are charged at the rate of ten cents per item per day.

Loan Periods for Main Collection:

Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate
28 days; up to 2 renewals.
At the end of the semester, all materials due on the first day of final exams.

28 days; up to 2 renewals

Graduate Education
42 days (6 weeks); 1 renewal

Graduate Counseling
Materials due near the end of each class; 1 renewal

Graduate Religion
Materials due on Friday of each Graduate Religion Seminar week; 1 renewal

Doctoral Students
70 days (10 weeks); 2 renewals.  Dissertations which are on Reserve (behind the Circulation Desk) can be checked out only by doctoral students and faculty.  Limit: 2 dissertations at one time.  Loan period: 70 days (10 weeks).  There is NO RENEWAL for dissertations.  Dissertations which are on Reference cannot be checked out.

Loan Periods for Reserve Collection (Main Level):
Item Loan Period Number of Renewals Allowed Fines
Professor Reserves Hourly (2 or 3 Hours) 0 25¢/hour
Professor Reserves Daily (1, 2, 7, or 14 Days) 0 25¢/day
Laptop Computers & Equipment 3 hours 1 75¢/hour/item
Calculators 3 Hours 0 25¢/hour
Computer Pass 2 Hours 0 25¢/hour
Loan Periods for IRC Collection (Lower Level):
Type of Material Loan Period Number of Renewals Allowed Overdue Fine Maximum Number of Materials That a Patron Can Have at One Time
Juvenile Books  14 days 2 10¢/day 10
Activity Books 14 days 2 10¢/day 3
Teaching Aids 14 days 2 10¢/day 3
Scores 14 days 2 10¢/day 3
Videos 7 days 0 $1/day 2*
Boxes 7 days 0 $1/day 2*
Compact Discs 7 days 0 $1/day 3
DVD's 7 days 0 $1/day 2
K-12 Textbooks 14 days 2 10¢/day 6
Bulletin Board Books 14 days 2 10¢/day 3
Big Books 14 days 2 10¢/day 3
Charts 14 days 2 10¢/day 3
Kits 14 days 2 10¢/day 3
Mailbox Magazine 7 days 0 10¢/day 3
Video or Digital Cameras ($20 deposit required) 2 days 0 $10/day, plus loss of deposit 1
Reserve Videos/CD's Varies; 2 hrs,
1 day, 2 days
0 $2.00/loan period 2
*Students are limited to 2 videos and boxes combined; not 2 of each type