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Locating book resources and the online catalog

  • Books can be located from the library Web site
  • The online catalog allows you to search by author, title, subject, and keyword.
  • IT circulating books are shelved in the "H" or "K" section, second floor of the library.
  • Search Area Libraries link from the library web site allows you to search several other libraries’ holdings with one search question.  Requests for resources can be made online from the TNU library web site.
  • Our eBook collection integrates over 85,000 full text eBooks into the library holdings.  Many can be download to an eReader format and there is a small collection of audio books available.

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Locating Newspaper and Journal Articles

If you know the journal title

From the library homepage, enter the name of the journal in the search box near the top. Change the tag to read “Journal Title” then enter. If your journal is full text in one of our databases the result will include a link to the database where you can access the full text or indicates bound, back issues or microfilm availability.  If there were no hits you can complete online an ILL form requesting a journal article reprint. Allow 7 days for receipt of the reprint.

If you are searching by subject: 

Electronic Resources Link: Click on the ‘Electronic Resources’ link from the library homepage, then choose either

Accessing the databases off campus requires you to verify your Trevecca status by providing your name and the 11 digit barcode number from your student ID.

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Information Technology Databases

Access these directly from the Electronic Resources link on the library homepage.

Databases are in order by strength of content

  • FAITS - Faulkner's Advisory for Information Technology Studies Contains a virtual library of clearly-written industry reports covering such key technology areas as IT infrastructure, telecom, data networking, wireless communications, security, enterprise systems, the Internet and World Wide Web. Plus, FAITS has convenient links to major online technology and business news resources like Nando Net, The New York Times, Financial Times, NewsBytes, and the BBC.
  • Business Source Complete As the worlds largest full text business database, Business Source Complete provides full text for nearly 3,300 scholarly business journals, including full text for more than 1000 peer-reviewed business publications. Coverage includes virtually all subject areas related to business.
  • ProQuest Computing Search top computing journals in full text for research on subjects such as database design, software development, web commerce, LANs, WANs, Intranets.
  • Computer Database Computer-related product introductions, news and reviews in areas such as hardware, software, electronics, engineering, communications and the application of technology.
  • Information Science & Library Issues Collection From nearly 100 leading industry journals with appropriate and useful information in IT areas of expertise, including such topics as information infrastructure, data processing techniques, metadata architectures, and more.
  • Virtual Training Online Tutorials - VTC  Contact the Reference Desk at: 615-248-1570 for login information - Restricted to TNU users only. In-depth training on hundreds of today's most sought-after applications, with over 81,350 narrated QuickTime or Flash tutorials. Tutorials can be streamed over any Internet connection directly to your computer. Applications include Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Photoshop, Linux, Sony, and others.
  • DOAJ - [Directory of Open Access Journals] Open access journals are published under an agreement that the journal must be freely accessible to anyone. The DOAJ is simply an online index to this content.

Secondary databases

  • Lexis-Nexisfull-text documents from more than 5,600 news, business, legal, medical and reference international publications with a variety of flexible search options.
  • Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection - full text articles providing the human and behavioral aspect to computer technology and Web usage.

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Getting Materials through Inter Library Loan

All transactions for ILL are handled through the Inter Library Loan Services librarian. You can complete an online form following the ILL link on the library homepage. Allow 7-10 days for the requested book to arrive and 7 days for article reprints. Books will be sent to the Library for pickup and articles generally will be sent to your email as a PDF attachment. There is no cost for this service. 
  • Books:  Books generally have a three to four week checkout period. Turnaround time for book requests is about 7 working days. There are generally no fees for this service; however, late fine charges for ILL books are $.50 per day.

  • Journal Article Reprints: If a journal is unavailable at TNU a reprint of it can be ordered using the online form. There is no cost. Allow 5 days to receive your requested article which will  generally will be sent to your email as a PDF attachment.

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Internet Resources include 

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