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Locating book resources and the online catalog
  • Books are located through the library Web site
  • The online catalog allows you to search by author, title, subject, and keyword.
  • Religion books are shelved in the 'B' category on the second floor of the library.
  • ATHENA(accessed from the library web site) allows you to search several other middle Tennessee libraries' holdings with one search question.  A courier service allows a patron to retrieve a book from ATHENA within 5-7 working days. Requests can be made online
  • eBooks which include EBSCO eBooks and ebrary integrate over 85,000 full text online ebooks into the library holdings.
  • Manuals of the Church of the Nazarene can be viewed online

Searching the online catalog

On the library homepage enter the topic you want searched in the catalog search box. After typing in your word or phrase you need to select the tag for your topic; subject, author, title, keyword or journal title.  Simply click on the tag you want to search and then the ‘Search’ button.

Keyword VS Subject searching Keywords are searched by the database simply by matching the spelling of the word/phrase-NO meaning is attached.  Searching by subject (or author and title) will attach a meaning to the spelling, creating a better result list.  If you cannot find any titles after searching by subject, enter your terms in as a keyword search.  This will broaden the search.

Advanced Search provides options to search the Reserve Room and Electronic Journal Titles as well as Basic Search options of Author, Title, and  Subject.

Result List The search result list appears in the order a record was entered into the catalog.  The holdings line provides call number as well as indicates whether a book has been checked out by using the phrase “No copies available.”  Also included in the library holdings are e-books which are indicated by the phrase [electronic resource] in the title line.

Printing Before printing on campus you need to verify the location of the printer.  Clicking on “File” then opening “Print” does this. The printer location selected is on the top of the print page.  To change location simply click on the gray arrow and select from the choices provided. Copies are charged to your campus account.

Books are checked out at the Main Desk with a maximum of fifteen books for at least four weeks. Your TNU I.D. card serves as your library card. Books cannot be checked out from the Web site. Circulating Books are located on the second floor of Waggoner. Traditional undergraduate students have a four week checkout period for circulating books. 

Graduate students and degree completion students have due dates that correlate with their program calendars.

 Materials can be renewed online.  From the library home page click on the My Account link on the menu. Follow instructions to view your account. The renew link will appear on the screen.  Books cannot be renewed if they are overdue.

Searching Other Libraries

Waggoner library has access to library collections both locally and nationally.  Students can access those by clicking on the Search Area Libraries link on the library website.    Search Athena   is a virtual online catalog providing access to several local area libraries including Trevecca, MTSU, Vanderbilt, Nashville Public Library, and TSU. Retrieved titles can be ordered online for no cost.  They will be couried to Trevecca for pickup.  See ILL section below for detailed information on requesting books located through Athena.. 

EBooks or online books Over 80,000 ebooks are integrated into the library holdings and can be searched through the online catalog. Many can be download to an eReader format and there is a small collection of audio books available.

    Free Internet ebook collections relating to the subject of religion include: And so,—after the humble character of its namesake scrivener, or copyist—publishes the classics of literature, nonfiction, and reference free of charge for the home, classroom, and desktop of each and every Internet participant.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library contains 1,000 of the most important public domain works for theological study. Works from Patristics to Billy Graham are included.

Call Numbers for Religion related resources include but are not limited to:

Bible-Versions               BS 195

Bible-Commentaries       BS 491.2

Ethics                           BJ 1189

Church History               BR 140

Missions                       BV 2000

Denominations               BX1-4800 

Locating Reference Books

   The reference collection consists of specialized encyclopedias and subject dictionaries representing all major fields.  These titles are indexed in the online catalog but most have their own index with the set.  These sources differ from general sources in that they are scholarly works.  Consult with the Reference Desk staff for assistance. Photocopies can be made of needed text. Some titles have duplicates in the stacks or an online version available; it will be noted on the online catalog record as a copy.

   Traditional Reference materials are located on the main floor of Waggoner Library and not available for checkout.  Material can be photocopied.  

Photocopies can be made of needed text. Some titles have duplicates in the stacks; it will be noted on the online catalog record as a copy. This abbreviated list of sources is used for quick location information. Photocopies can be made, as reference books are not available for check out.

  • Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics                             Ref BJ 1199 .W47
  •  Handbook of Denominations in the U.S.                                Ref BL 2525.M425
  •  Encyclopedia of Religion                                                    Ref BL 31 .E46
  •  Eerdmans Analytical Concordance to the RSV of the Bible        Ref BS 425.W48
  •  Dictionary of Pastoral care                                                 Ref BV 4005 .D53


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Obtaining materials using Waggoner’s Interlibrary Loan Services      

All transactions for ILL are handled through the Interlibrary Loan Services Librarian. Complete an online form on the library Web site following the ILL link on the menu.  Allow 7-10 days for the requested book to arrive and 7 days for article reprints.  Books are sent to the Library for pickup while article reprints are generally sent as a PDF attachment to your email address. 
  • Books:  Books generally have a three to four week checkout period.  Turnaround time for book requests is about 7 working days. There are generally no fees for this service; however, late fine charges for ILL books are $.50 per day.

  • Journal Article Reprints: If a journal is unavailable at TNU a reprint of it can be ordered using the online form off the web site.  There is no cost. Allow 5 days for delivery of the article which in most cases will come to you as a PDF attachment in your email.

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Searching for Journal Articles

Online account information is provided exclusively for Trevecca Nazarene University. Our licensure agreements permit use of databases only by Trevecca faculty and students.  Please help us maintain the integrity of our licensure agreements by not sharing access with family, coworkers, and friends.

If you know the journal title: 

From the library homepage, enter the name of the journal in the search box near the top. 

Change the tag to read “Journal Title” then enter.  If your journal is full text in one of our databases the result will include a link to the database where you can access the full text.  If there were no hits you can complete online an ILL form requesting a journal article reprint. Allow 7 days for receipt of the reprint.  

If you are searching by subject: 

Electronic Resources Link: Click on the ‘Electronic Resources’ link from the library homepage, then choose either

* Looking for databases by subject displays a subject list of databases

* Looking for databases by title browses an A-Z title list of databases

      * Looking for an e-journal by title limits you to browsing only e-journals accessible online

Accessing the databases off campus requires you to verify your Trevecca status by providing your name and the 11 digit barcode number from your student ID.

Journal titles in this subject area include

Religion Related Database Descriptions

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials®  The premier index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. More than 600 journals are indexed annually.

Christian Periodical Index®    Provides citations with some abstracts of article in religious periodicals. It is a companion to ATLASerials.  Use the 'Journal Title' search in the library catalog to locate the full text of the article.

Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative CDRI access to digital resources for the study of religion such as manuscripts, papyri, woodcuts, sermons, shape-note tune books, architecture & iconongraphy. Link is located in the School of Religion topic list,  Electronic Resources page. 

Religion and Philosophy 
®  features a selection of more than 250 magazines and academic journals covering religion, philosophy and the related areas of archaeology and anthropology. Part of Gale Cengage databases.

®  is an extensive full text online collection of commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and other reference works provides a breadth of substantial, searchable materials with which to prepare sermons and lessons.

ProQuest Religion®  You can limit your online search to peer reviewed journals only that provide you with a result list of scholarly and more relevant articles.

®   Can be accessed online to search and over 60 full-text APA periodicals.

PsycINFO®     Provides online citations and summaries of journal articles, book chapters, books, and technical reports, as well as citations to dissertations, all in the field of psychology and psychological aspects of related disciplines. Forty indexed titles have links to full text articles.

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection TM  world's largest full text psychology database offering full text coverage for nearly 400 journals.


    When accessing databases from off campus, you will be asked to verify your Trevecca status with your name and the 11 digit barcode number from your student I.D.


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Tips for searching the ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials


ATLA will be your primary database for locating scholarly journal articles in the field of religion.  It is hosted by EBSCO and includes journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. More than 600 journals are indexed annually. The database includes more than 1.3 million bibliographic records for journal articles, more than 200,000 essay citations, and more than 400,000 book review citations. Links are provided to 100,000 full text articles from more than fifty journals. This database is produced by the American Theological Library Association. You can search by Keyword, Publication, and Scripture reference.  Below is a screen capture searching in 'Advanced Search', notice the lengthy list of tags you can place on the words/phrases you are researching.

More than one search term may be entered into a search field by combining the search term with Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT. You can increase the number of records found by changing where a term is truncated. To do this, type in the symbol "*" after typing in part of the word for which you want to receive all suffix endings, e.g. type Bap* or Bapt* or Baptis*.
You can search for a specific scripture, or book, chapter, and/or range of verses. Multiple Biblical books require that the number of the book being searched be spelled out prior to the name of the book.

Example: Genesis 1: 1-20
Result: Returns records discussing the first chapter of the book Genesis, verses one
through twenty.

Example: Matthew-John
Result: All records discussing the book Matthew through & including the book of John.

Example: First Kings 2-7
Result: Returns all records discussing the first book of Kings, verses two through seven.

The results list includes all the publications types and provides links to any available full text. For those articles that do not indicate full text, click on the WebBridge link for additional options.

 Internet Resources include
Commentaries and Bible Translations


Online Lexicons

Online Books


Online Journals

  • Didache: Faithful Teaching is an interdisciplinary academic journal offered on-line that explores the intersections of Christian conviction, culture and education for the Church of the Nazarene & other international Wesleyan communities in higher education. 

  • Global Missiology  Includes contributions from international researchers, practitioners and scholars who have a global perspective on missions.

  • Preacher’s Magazine - A preaching resource in the Wesleyan tradition published by the Church of the Nazarene

  • Wesleyan Theological Journal   The 1996 through 1999 volumes of the Journal have been published, but will not be available on the Internet until 2001- 2004.

Online Sermons

Professional Resources

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Documenting Sources Using Chicago/Turabian Style

World Wide Web sites need the following information:

  • Author's name

  • Title of document, in quotation marks

  • Title of complete work (if relevant), in italics or underlined

  • Date of publication or last revision date

  • URL, in angle brackets

  • Date of access, in parentheses

Sample citations of Internet resources cited according to Chicago/Turabian Style:

Personal site

    1. Joseph Pellegrino, "Homepage," 12 May 1999,
    <> (12 June 1999).

Professional site

    1. Gail Mortimer, The William Faulkner Society Home Page, 16 September 1999, < faulkner.htm> (19 November 1997).

    2. National Association of Investors Corporation, NAIC Online, 20 September 1999,     <> (1 October 1999).

Book: An online book may be the electronic text of part or all of the printed book, or a book length document available only on the Internet (e.g., a work of hyperfiction).

    1. Peter J. Bryant, "The Age of Mammals," in Biodiversity and Conservation April 1999,   <> (11 May 1999).

Government publication

    1. George Bush, "Principles of Ethical Conduct for Government Officers and Employees," Executive Order 12674, 12 April 1989, pt. 1, <> (30 October 1997).

Material from a subscription service like ATLASerials or ProQuest: to document an article or other material accessed through a library or institutional subscription service such as ProQuest or ATLASerials, provide the following information:

· Publication information for the source
· Name of database, in italics or underlined

· Name of subscription service
· Date of access, in parenthesis

1. Robin M. Kowalski, "Whining, griping, and complaining: Positivity in the negativity," Journal of Clinical Psychology, 58, no. 9 (2002): 1023. Academic Search Premier Database, EBSCOhost (19 December 2002).

Email Message: to document an email message, provide the following information:

  • Author's name

  • Subject line, in quotation marks

  • Date of sending

  • Type of communication (personal email, distribution list, office communication)

  • Date of access, in parentheses

    1. Norman Franke, "SoundApp 2.0.2," 29 April 2010, personal email (3 May 2011).
    2. Danny Robinette, "Epiphany Project," 30 April 2011, office communication (29 May 2011).

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