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What are "reserves?"

Reserves are materials that have been designated by professors as particularly appropriate for courses they are presently teaching.  The professors request materials be placed on reserve at one of the service desks.  Students may then easily locate and use these materials on a regular basis throughout the semester.  Because of the high usage of reserve materials, they are usually checked out for shorter periods of times.  Reserves that are checked out for 2 or 3 hours are for use within the library and should not be taken outside the building.

Reserves Information for Students

When a professor tells you that there are materials on reserve for your class, you can find those materials in one of two places.  Almost all books on reserve are located at the Circulation Desk on the main level of the library.  All other materials (DVD's, CD's, VHS, media, etc.) will be located at the Instructional Resources Desk on the lower level of the library.

To check out a reserve material, you must have your library card (TNU ID).  You should also know (1) your professor's last name, (2) the name of the class, and (3) the title of the book you're looking for.  Because of the high usage of reserves materials, only one item per class can be checked out by a student at any time.

Reserves are checked out for varying lengths of time that are chosen by the professor.  You will be notified of the due time or date during the check-out process.  For example, our check-out times for reserves include 2-hours, 3-hours, 2-days, 3-days, 7-days, and 14-days.  Reserves materials cannot be renewed and must be brought back to the library before their due time or date.  If there have been no requests for the materials, they can be checked-out again.  Fines are charged when reserves are returned late at a rate of 25¢ per loan period (either per hour or per day).  

There are also other materials that are kept on "general reserve" and are available to all students.  These items include wireless laptops, digital cameras, headphones, calculators, magnifying glasses, dry erase markers and erasers, TNU Ed.D. dissertations, Ed.D. student study room keys, MHR project theses examples, etc.  There are also a small number of access cards that can be used to physically visit Vanderbilt University's library system.  These cards cannot be used to check-out items from Vanderbilt; they only provide access to the buildings.

For more information related to reserves, please contact either the Circulation Assistant or the IRC Librarian.

Reserves Information for Faculty

Waggoner Library facilitates the reserves collection so that faculty members can easily point students towards necessary resources.  Faculty can request materials be placed on reserve at any time during the semester.  We are aware that several programs operate on a different calendar from traditional undergraduate classes.  Please send all relevant information to the Circulation Assistant.  

Materials that are available from Waggoner Library will be pulled from the shelves and placed on reserve.  If Waggoner Library does not own the material, professors should provide a personal copy or request the materials be purchased with the department's library budget.  Please allow one week for materials to be placed on reserve.  The length of time to order materials and place them on reserve will vary and could take up to a month.

When you request materials be placed on reserve, please include the following information:

  • Professor's First and Last Name
  • Course Number
  • Course Title/Name
  • Loan Period (2-hours, 3-hours, 1-day, 2-days, 7-days, or 14-days)
  • End of Course Date (reserves will be returned to the regular collection on this date)
  • Include the list of materials to be placed on reserve with relevant information.  You can search the library's collection and include specific call numbers.

Print resources will be placed on reserve at the Circulation Desk on the main level.  Media and non-print resources will be placed on reserve at the Instructional Resources Desk on the lower level. 

Your students will be able to search for reserves materials from the library's website by doing a Course Title or Professor Name search.

Professors are directed to review the Copyright Policy as transcribed from the faculty handbook.  Professors providing personal copies of materials should know that all personal copies that are placed on reserve will receive a barcode sticker, reserves sticker, security strip, and due date slip.  These will not be removed when returned to the professor and are affixed with permanent adhesive.  

To take items off reserve, please give one week's notice to the Circulation Assistant.  Only courses currently being taught should have materials on reserve.  Professors will be contacted at the end of each semester to update their reserves collection.  If a professor does not respond, reserves will be returned to the regular collection.

For more information regarding reserves materials, please contact the Circulation Assistant.