Digital Print and Media Center


Printing Services
Printing services are completed on a full color digital press. The Digital Print and Media Center prints letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and labels. Booklet covers and flyers can be printed in full color. Recently, we have added the ability to print calendars, 11X17 Posters and 12 x40 inch banners. 

Copying Services
Our copiers are equipped to staple and three hole punch copy jobs. Our copiers can double side a copy job and can enlarge or reduce a copy. Maximum size is up to 11 x 17 paper size. These copiers are black and white copying only. The copiers can corner staple (any corner) and insert a front and a back cover. Also, they can double staple on the left side to form the perfect booklet. 

Copy jobs need to be copy ready when sent or brought to the Digital Print and Media Center. 

Requirements of a Copy Job

• Documents you want copied need to have staples removed. Lines or marks you do not want seen need to be covered with white-out. The copiers will not pick up these colors highlighted on the originals: yellow, pink, and light blue. 

• Copy jobs should be set up with at least a 1/4” margin from all sides of the paper. Originals set up any closer than that will result in print being cut off. Copiers will not pick up print that is set too close to the edge of the paper. 

Both print and copy jobs need to be sent electronically with a job ticket through Outlook. Jobs also can be sent over as hardcopy via campus mail.