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Our promise:

The Trevecca marketing team is committed to provide quality, Trevecca-branded results that are relevant, creative, and timely through responsive and service-driven relationships.

When submitting a marketing request, you can expect:

  • A response within 48 hours from a member of the marketing team.
  • Continuous and prompt communication throughout the design and production process.
  • A proof of your project within 10 working days from the time all necessary content is received.
  • An established timeline between you and your designer for proofing stages of your project.
  • Recommendations for the best printing option based on your project, timeline, and budget.
  • Turnkey service, from design to printing to payment. The development and design of your project is free, but we will require a budget code before printing or ordering.

Please note that projects with less than a 5 working day turnaround time will not be guaranteed, though we will do our best to meet your deadline.

With the exception of extreme circumstances, please limit the rounds of revisions beyond the initial proof to three. This is to your advantage, as additional revisions will delay the completion of your project, possibly past your initial deadline. The revision process will typically take 5-7 working days. Significant delays in responding to new design revisions will delay the completion of your project.

If your project is a printed piece, the designer will help you determine the best method for printing, either through the Trevecca Printshop or off-campus. If printing through the Printshop, please allow 5 working days from the final proof approval. If printing off-campus, please allow 10 working days from the final proof approval.

Some tips on how to assure your project goes as quickly and smoothly as possible:

  1. Allow enough planning time and be clear about your final deadline need.
  2. For printed pieces, have your copy for the piece complete. The marketing team will edit for grammar and spelling and may make content suggestions.
  3. If photos are needed, provide them with your project or request specifically what type of photos you are seeking. The marketing team is happy to arrange custom photography, but please note this will add time to the production process.
  4. When a draft is provided, proof carefully and provide all feedback and suggestions as quickly as possible, preferably within 24 hours.
  5. Be honest and specific when providing corrections or comments. You will not offend us if you do not like a design, photo selection, or piece layout.