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Marketing request form

Please fill out the form below to request services from Trevecca's marketing department to include an announcement in the Campus News daily emails. Please note that this email is distributed to Trevecca employees only. If you are trying to reach students, please go to TNU4U to submit an announcement there.

An email will be sent to you as confirmation of your request.





When would should your campus announcement be distributed? Please submit your requests at least a MINIMUM of 24 hours before you'd like your announcement distributed. If you need it announced sooner, please call Lu Grant at extension 1661 after submitting this form.

If this is a one-time campus announcement, please leave the due date blank. Otherwise, if this announcement will be distributed through the Campus News email, please put a start date and an end date for your announcement. Thanks!

at am pm

at am pm


If you need to attach any other information (like a photo or attachment to include), do so below... Please make sure there are no spaces in your file names!

You should receive an email confirmation after you press "submit" detailing the request information we have received.

If you do not receive an email confirmation, your request did not submit correctly.