Trevecca Nazarene University

Baseball coach coaches students about teamwork

In the first LEAD (Learning, Engage, Apply, Develop) forum of the spring semester, Head Baseball Coach Jeff Forehand talked to students about "Getting Your Team on the Same Page." He encouraged listeners to become better communicators who could communicate their own belief in what they were doing. He stressed the importance of motivation that must be genuine and consistent and that gives persons room to outgrow their mistakes. To illustrate his point, he asked twelve persons in the audience to put teamwork into action by standing together on a small box for four seconds. The students were able to accomplish the feat only by working together--by becoming a team. He concluded his presentation by asking students to think about a series of threes that they need to do: three things that they wanted to stop doing, three things that they wanted to start, and three things they wanted to continue to do. LEAD, sponsored by the Office of Student Development, is a program designed to give students the opportunity to explore their leadership styles and develop their leadership potential. Each school year a series of twelve seminars are offered, and students earn points for participation; these points are recorded on a LEAD co-curricular transcript that can be used to document a student's actual participation in extra-curricular activities, participation that some employers consider to be an important part of a job applicant's experience. (1/16/04)