Trevecca Nazarene University

Undergrad requirements changed

Some traditional undergraduate students at Trevecca who will graduate in December 2004 or later were handed a gift in February when the Academic Council revised requirements for graduation. Following the lead of the Tennessee Board of Regents when it set 120 hours as the requirement for graduation from a public institution, the University reconsidered its own graduation requirements. The changes are the following: ïThe minimum number of hours needed for completion of a baccalaureate degree was reduced from 128 to 120. ïThe credit-hour maximum allowed for a summer ìgraduateî was decreased from 12 hours to 9, effective summer 2005, and will be decreased to 6 hours in summer 2006. Seniors who wish to participate in commencement ceremonies cannot ìwalkî if they have more than 9 or 6 hours of coursework still to be completed. ïThe number of general education hours required of all traditional students was reduced by 8 hours. Courses eliminatedó3-hour general elective, 1 hour of physical activity, and 4 hours of lab science. Students now have the option to select a physical science or a life science course. Students graduate in May 2004 or August 2004 must meet the requirements of the current University Catalog 2003. No exceptions to this rule will be allowed. What do these changes mean for students? Lowering the minimum number of hours needed for graduation* from 128 to 120 and decreasing the maximum number of hours allowed for summer graduates means that ïStudents can more than likely graduate in four years by taking an average of fifteen hours a semester. ïCompleting a degree and graduating in four years is a realistic goal. (The four-year plans for all disciplines are being revised and will be made available to students so that they will know how to plan their course loads and classes. These plans are ìroad mapsî for the process of completing a degree.) ïRequiring students to have more hours completed before they are allowed to ìwalkî in commencement ceremonies is another strategy to help students graduate. ïThe monetary cost of an education is lowered if students take advantage of the four-year plans. *The minimum number of hours for some specialized programs is higher than the 120 hours. 2/18/2004