Trevecca Nazarene University

Etiquette dinner offers seniors a different kind of education

Fresh flowers, starched table linens, candlelight, a five-course dinner, dressed-up dinner guests, and the campusís most formal dining room as the backdropóThe event can only be the annual "Putting your Best Fork Forward " etiquette dinner, sponsored by Treveccaís Office of Career Services. Held on campus on Monday night, March 29, this dinner is for graduating seniors for the purpose of expanding their education in a social area that can have an impact on their professional careers. Jan Harvey, director of career placement and the hostess/director of the dinner, stated that the dinner is intended to give participants confidence as they enter their professional careers. She explains, ìCareer research shows that persons who have proper etiquette get promoted faster, earn more money, and are perceived to be more competent.î The sixty-four participants at the dinner were given the opportunity to learn many aspects of dining etiquette. They learned how to place eating utensils and how to arrange them on the table, when to use specific ones for specific foods and courses of a meal, and how to use utensils. The food was served continental style, but participants practiced both the continental and American styles of eating. ìIn a global economy,î says Ms. Harvey, ìmuch more business is conducted over a meal. It is imperative for the well-prepared college graduate to have an education in eating etiquette.î