Trevecca Nazarene University

New missions programóA beginning preparation for missionaries

Beginning in the fall of 2004, Treveccaís School of Religion will offer a new academic program that is designed to prepare students for servant-leadership careers as missionaries. The Global Missions Program will allow students who are called to missionary service to pursue preparation in one of two ways: 1) Students can major in religion with a professional minor in missions, or 2) they can major in another academic discipline and minor in missions. ìThis cross-disciplinary program reflects the changed face of missions,î says Tim Green, dean of the School of Religion. Pointing out that today many missionaries work in a variety of jobs, such as in businesses or in teaching, Green reports that this program provides a way for students to begin their preparation for the kind of missionary service that is needed in the 21st century. Green is quick to point out that, while this program may appear to be ìnew,î an emphasis on missions has always been a part of a Trevecca education. He adds, ìPreparing students for missionary service and an interest in missions have been integral to Treveccaís larger mission. This program puts into academic practice what Trevecca has always sensed a burden for and commitment to.î This program is a response to the increasing number of Trevecca students who report being called to missionary service. That increase is also reflected in the number of students who spend their summers as missionary volunteers and in the number of students who participate in the short-term summer missions programs through TAG (Treveccans Around the Globe). When the short-term mission trips were begun some years ago, Green says that filling all of the slots was a difficult task but that now the number of students who volunteer is double the number of slots in the group. That increase is more important when one considers that the TAG participants pay their own expenses for these trips. Persons who desire more information about the Global Missions Program should contact the School of Religion at 615-248-1378.