Trevecca Nazarene University

Two students honored with scholarships for grad school

In Awards Chapel on Wednesday, April 26, two senior religion majors were presented full-tuition scholarships to Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS). David Stark and Kevin Todd, both of Nashville, were honored for their academic accomplishments during their Trevecca years. Both men were applicants for the Greathouse Scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship given to a senior religion major who has demonstrated exceptional scholarship during his or her Trevecca years and who has a calling to the preaching ministry. When the committee met to award the scholarship and realized how qualified for the honor were both men, the group decided to divide the scholarship between the two. Before the award was announced, however, Stark was notified by NTS that he had been named to receive one of the three Scholarships of Distinction that the seminary gives each year to students with high academic records in their undergraduate work. Stark withdrew his name from consideration for the Greathouse Scholarship, leaving the full Greathouse Scholarship for Kevin Todd. Because Stark and Todd are close friends, this conclusion to the situation pleased both men. Stark and Todd report that God has called them to serve Him as full-time senior pastors. They will enroll in NTS this fall to begin their graduate studies.