Trevecca Nazarene University

Salvation Army students attend classes at Trevecca

On May 10 Trevecca began a new partnership with the Salvation Army Southern Territory. During the week May 10-17, 196 members of the Army came to Trevecca for week of training. They were accompanied by twelve Army administrators who served as class consultants and Army liaison with Treveccaís faculty in eight classes. Members of the Army took classes along a number of lines: ministry practice (social services, counseling, worship & preaching), personal and professional development, and content-specific courses, including Bible and doctrine classes. The program is designed to provide university-level continuing education for officers in the field, as well as a degree-completion option for interested Army students. The Christian Ministry Program at Trevecca was designed to mirror the Salvation Army Southern Territory's required five years of mandatory continuing education (required during the officer's first five years of ministry). Students seeking degree credit return for a second class offered each summer in July. Each course includes some advance preparatory work, one week of intensive class instruction that is followed by two months follow-up assignments (these assignments vary depending on the studentís trackócontinuing education or degree-seeking status). An officer can complete the "core" of the program in five years and then must transfer other classes to Trevecca Nazarene University in order to meet additional graduation requirements. The strength of the program rests in the relationships developed between the Army officers in the field and the teaching faculty (many of them also ongoing practitioners in ministry as well as education scholars). The Salvation Army Southern Territory has had a continuing education component for a number of years; however, this event represents the first focused venture to bring all of these officers to one site for professional education. Army response was very positive to this inaugural gathering and indicates a continuing relationship for the future. Dates are set for the next five years, but the program should remain a standard for Trevecca and the Army beyond those dates and for many years to come. The Army's next session of summer classes will begin July 26.