Trevecca Nazarene University

Students make missions trip to Italy

Members of the TAG team (Trevecca around the Globe) returned from a nine-day trip to Italy May 19, 2004. Trevecca staff members JoAnn Blevins, Jen Wyatt, and Tim Green accompanied Trevecca students Ben Steffes, Bethany Mitchell, Katie Humerickhouse, Courtney Hobgood, Ashley Reed, Kelly Bargo, Lauren Collins, Joe Crosby, Anita Dodson, Tessa Eller, Lauren Gaskill, April Huff, James Kleppinger, Wade Munday, Kim Nyce, Candice Peacock, Brian Walkup, Chris Willard, Dana Winsinger, and Kit Young. These mission-minded individuals accepted the challenge and call to Florence, Italy, to perform service-work in the Florence Church of the Nazarene. The team completed renovation of an indoor Sunday school area and laid piping outdoors. They interacted with the members of the church and community by playing soccer and other games with the children and interacting with the young people in the community. Although serving a church is the primary purpose, Trevecca nurse and TAG sponsor JoAnn Blevins asserts that she has an underlying goal. Prior to the trip she said, ìI hope to see students grow in Christ and recognize that God can use us in many different settings.î Both goals were accomplished as the members of the church were very receptive, supportive, and hospitable to the TAG team. As language produced a communication barrier, the acts of the citizens worked to overcome that barrier. The students gained a deeper understanding that they belong to a global church, and many students began thinking of future involvement in missions.