Trevecca Nazarene University

Christian Ministry Institute hosts seminars on clergy preparation

During June 14-17, Trevecca faculty members led sessions on clergy preparation for regional church leaders charged with training pastors at the local level. Hosted by Treveccaís Nazarene University Christian Ministry Institute, The Master's Teacher Seminars reviewed new clergy preparation modules developed by the International Church of the Nazarene. More than forty leaders from eight districts interacted with Trevecca faculty and denominational executives on issues of ministry training. Facilitators included family therapist Chris Adams, a psychology consultant with Nazarene World Mission, and religion faculty members, Dean Blevins, Charles Gates, Tim Green, and Henry Spaulding, and Dan Spross. Dr. Clair Allen Budd, Nazarene minister and professor at Asbury College, discussed a new research project centered on ministry mentoring. Additionally, participants reviewed and discussed the new denomination plans to integrate the new module system with local record-keeping. Participants who will attend the PALCON meetings in August were also given information about that event. In this the third year of The Masterís Teacher Seminars, regional pastors and professors have deemed the seminars a success Director Dean Blevins, J. B. Elizer Chair of Christian Ministry, remarked that the program is rapidly becoming a tradition and is already slated for next August. Blevins noted the spirit of those attending The Masterís Teacher Seminars reveals the strong commitment of Trevecca faculty and district educators to the cause of clergy preparation.