Trevecca Nazarene University

National test results affirm strength of General Education Program

The outstanding performance of Treveccaís seniors on the 2004 Academic Profile confirmed the strength and effectiveness of Treveccaís general education program. The Academic Profile is a test of general academic knowledge and skills and is a joint project of the Educational Testing Service and The College Board. It is designed to be used by colleges and universities to assess the outcomes of their general education programs. Additionally, the results from this standardized test allow an institution to compare its outcomes against those of all other institutions that utilize the test.

A randomly selected group of Trevecca seniors (approximately one-third of the seniors in the traditional undergraduate group) were part of the group of more than 36,000 senior-level students at 156 colleges and universities who took the test. The schools were broken down into three groups: 1) liberal artsóschools with undergraduate programs only;  2) masterísóschools with both undergraduate and graduate programs; and 3) all types.

When the Trevecca test-takersí total scores were ranked against the schools in the liberal arts group, Trevecca scored in 96th percentile (only two institutions of the 54 in that category) scored higher than Trevecca). In the ranking of schools in the masterís category (a total of 59 institutions), Trevecca students scored in the 100th percentile (no institutions scored higher than Trevecca). In the ranking for ìall typesî of schools (156 total), Trevecca students placed in the 99th percentile (only two institutions scored higher than Trevecca). In addition, five Trevecca students had scores that were in the top 1% of all individual scores.

These results are positive indicators that the general education curriculum at Trevecca offers effective preparation for college-level studies. Steve Pusey, vice president for academic affairs, adds, ìThese results reaffirm that Treveccaís general education program provides students with a strong foundation for future learning and teaches them the skills needed for achieving success in life.î 

Trevecca's ranking with other schools
      Trevecca score   Liberal arts*   Master's**  All types***
       Total                   96%         100%       99%
       Crit. Thkg.           96%         100%       99%
       Reading               94%         100%       98%
       Writing                100%       100%       100%
       Math                   91%         95%        94%
       Humanities           96%         96%        100%
       Social Sci.             100%       100%       100%
       Natural Sci.           98%        100%       99%

       *  Only 2 institutions scored higher than Trevecca.
       ** No institutions scored higher than Trevecca.
       ***Only 2 institutions scored higher than Trevecca.

Ranking of Trevecca students
       Total # TNU            Liberal arts   Master's  All types
        students in ea. group  
        >99%                              1               1            1
           99%                             5                5           5
           95%                            10              10          10
           90%                            12              15          12
           75%                            21              24          24
           50%                            36              37          36
           25%                            41              41          41