Trevecca Nazarene University

Education students earn honors on national exam

Each year education students are tested on their knowledge of their particular field of study. The Educational Testing ServiceĆ­s Recognition of Excellence program, started in September 2003, issues certificates to those who score in the top 15% nationally on that exam. In the 2003-2004 school year twenty-one Trevecca students were recipients of the Recognition of Excellence:


Lora Bourland (PLT 7-12)
Jennifer Brantley (PLT K-6)
Carol Henley (PLT 7-12 and Mathematics: Content Knowledge)
Aaron Reynolds (PLT 7-12)
Alaina Shorr (PLT K-6)
Dana Winsinger (Elem Ed.: Content Knowledge)

Post Baccalaureate

Wendy Comer (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge and PLT K-6)
Wendy Conner (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge and PLT K-6)
Audrey Goodwin (PLT K-6)
Shana Harrison (Elem. Ed. - Content Knowledge)
Jay Huff (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Scott Johnston (PLT 7-12)
Jon Loudermilk (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)

Master of Arts in Teaching

Nathaniel Beaver (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Joshua Bledsoe (Elem. Ed.-Content Knowledge)
Melissa Boykin (Elem. Ed. - Content Knowledge)
Kristen Boys (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Sara Galyon (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Cindy Harris (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Melanie Staudt (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Jennifer Wilson (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)