Trevecca Nazarene University

Education students earn honors on national exam

Each year education students are tested on their knowledge of their particular field of study. The Educational Testing Serviceís Recognition of Excellence program, started in September 2003, issues certificates to those who score in the top 15% nationally on that exam. In the 2003-2004 school year twenty-one Trevecca students were recipients of the Recognition of Excellence:


Lora Bourland (PLT 7-12)
Jennifer Brantley (PLT K-6)
Carol Henley (PLT 7-12 and Mathematics: Content Knowledge)
Aaron Reynolds (PLT 7-12)
Alaina Shorr (PLT K-6)
Dana Winsinger (Elem Ed.: Content Knowledge)

Post Baccalaureate

Wendy Comer (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge and PLT K-6)
Wendy Conner (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge and PLT K-6)
Audrey Goodwin (PLT K-6)
Shana Harrison (Elem. Ed. - Content Knowledge)
Jay Huff (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Scott Johnston (PLT 7-12)
Jon Loudermilk (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)

Master of Arts in Teaching

Nathaniel Beaver (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Joshua Bledsoe (Elem. Ed.-Content Knowledge)
Melissa Boykin (Elem. Ed. - Content Knowledge)
Kristen Boys (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Sara Galyon (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Cindy Harris (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Melanie Staudt (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)
Jennifer Wilson (Elem. Ed.- Content Knowledge)