Trevecca Nazarene University

University radio stations have licenses renewed

Fans and audiences of WNAZ, WENO, and WNRZ will have thankful hearts and ears since the Trevecca radio stations were successful in renewing their licenses with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The new licenses will allow the stations to legally encourage audiences until 2012, when the licenses can again be renewed.

The nearest encounter Trevecca had with losing the stations was in the late 1970s when the school missed the deadline for filing for license renewal. Renewal of licenses offers the public and other stations an opportunity to provide feedback regarding the operations of the station. If the station is not operating in the interest of the public, the license can be revoked.

Each renewal period is approximately a six-month process. Although every renewal produces challenges to a station, director of broadcasting and general manager David Deese was confident the renewal request would be granted. Deese said, ìWe are very conscientious about following FCC rules and regulations. During the renewal process each station must certify to the FCC that it has complied with a myriad of rules.î

You can listen to WNAZ FM in Nashville (89.1 and 91.5), Lebanon (101.9), Gallatin (93.9), and Clarksville (99.5). Listen to WENO on 760 AM. Learn more about these stations by clicking here.