Trevecca Nazarene University

Welcome Week is underway

Welcome Week, a major highlight in the career of a Trevecca college student, is a time for all students to reunite and welcome new students to the Trevecca community. The Student Government Associationís social life committee sponsors one event each night of the first week of school from the day students move in until a week following.

Though participants are predominantly freshmen, these school-wide activities are open to all students, faculty, staff, and administrators for them to participate in events such as ë80s Skate Night, Grand Old Golf, and concerts.

Participants may never talk to the same person twice since attendance per event is around 250 people. This year SGA expects about 500 for the biggest on-campus event in many years: Dave Barnes and Wichita Stallions in concert September 4 beginning at 7:30 P.M. in the Quad (the campus center). WNAZ, the Trevecca radio station 89.1 FM, is the concert sponsor and has extended an invitation to the public to enjoy the concert.

Welcome Week is such an important week for students because it is more than a week of fun before they ìbuckle downî for classes. It is really a time to build new friendships and make contact again with old friends. A sense of community is spurred by car pooling, including those who may be less likely to include themselves, and sharing popcorn during Shrek 2. ìEnthusiasm and school spirit are boosted immensely to provide students a huge introduction to a great year,î says Dustin Orner, vice president of the social life committee.

Sunday, August 29, is an important day for Trevecca, the annual all-school praise and worship.  ìIt is at the start of Welcome Week for a reason: to dedicate the year to Jesusñ-before life gets hectic,î says student body President Jonathan Moore.