Trevecca Nazarene University

Students revisit the '80s

Ashley Gilmore, Ryan Arnett (a.ka. The Smurf), Morgan Wilkinson, and Sarah Alexander give their feet a rest and do some socializing at '80s Skate Night.
One of the Welcome Week events that students always appear to enjoy is Skate Night. This year the event, held Friday, September3, at the Brentwood Skate Center, was '80s Skate Night, and students dressed in some hilarious
'80s apparel.

The more than 300 students who participated provided an interesting retrospective on the '80s. They dressed as the Smurfs, Mr. T., HeMan, Luigi of Super Mario Brothers, and the Rocketeer, among others.  One ingenious group of male students attended in the dress of 80-year-old men and sat near the rink and played Chess during the evening.

Students report that the event has much to enjoy. Morgan Wilkinson, a freshman from Florida, said, "Seeing the outfits was my favorite part of the event. I think it's great when peers can get together and act stupid and not care what others think." Brandi Wood, a senior from Gallatin, Tennessee, said, "I saw my favorite '80s trend--the pony tail, off-the-shoulder shirt, and scrunchies. They were everywhere!"

This event was sponsored by the Student Government Association, Jonathan Moore, president.