Trevecca Nazarene University

Alumnus gives sculpture to Waggoner Library

Director of Library Services Ruth Kinnersley stands in Waggoner Library beside "Porsche," the latest gift of art given to the libary by alumnus Harold Ivan Smith.
Waggoner Library is becoming more beautiful because of the generosity of alumnus Harold Ivan Smith '69.  A writer, speaker, and grief counselor, Smith has said how much he enjoys using Waggoner when he is in Nashville and has time to visit the library to do research for his books or other projects.

His latest gift, given in honor of the Trevecca Class of 1969, is a sculpture that ultilizes the crankshaft of a Porsche engine as the base for a round disk of ground glass. Entitled  "40 cm. Multi-lens (Porsche Base)" and the work of artists Estella and Mariano Vivanco, the sculpture is an intriguing study of the mechanical and the delicate. The round disk catches the light and plays with it, bending it and redirecting it. Some viewers recognize the similarities between the piece and that of a globe on a stand. The glass disk reminds some of an Indian dream catcher. The sculpture is evoking much interest and study from those who view it.

His gifts of framed prints and sculptures can be found in many places in that facility from the front entrance and throughout. In the foyer of the library are two bronze life-size figures of a boy and girl and a lawn chair given by Smith. The boy, seated on the chair, is sipping a drink through a straw. The girl is reading a book. Other gifts from him include framed pictures/prints and a framed piece of caligraphy.

Smith was on campus in August when he was a keynote speaker for the Pastors and Leaders Conference, sponsored by the Church of the Nazarene; he will return to campus later this fall when he will be the speaker for chapel on October 5.  That service is free and open to the public.