Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca students volunteer to give hurricane relief in FL

Trevecca's Student Government Association is organizing a trip to northern Florida to help clean up following the devastating hurricanes that have hit that state.  When other Trevecca students head home for the annual fall break on  October 8, a group of twenty students will board vans and head for Pensacola, Florida.

When they arrive, the students will devote their efforts to helping two Churches of the Nazarene clean up from the effects of the hurricanes. First Church of the Nazarene and the Ensley Church of the Nazarene, both in Port St. Lucie, sustained much damage, especially to their roofs. Students will assist in repairing the roofs and will be helping in other ways.

The students who participate will share in the expenses of the trip, paying for their own food and helping with the cost of the gas for the trip. The trip will cost each student approximately $85. Students will stay in the homes of parishioners of these churches or in the church buildings. They will return to campus on October 12.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this effort may contact the Office of Student Development at Trevecca, 615-248-1245. Leaders of the Student Government Association report that they will need to purchase some supplies (heavy duty trash bags, gloves, etc.).  Student leaders also ask that persons remember to pray for this effort.

In the years following 9/11, Trevecca students have devoted their fall breaks to serving in New York City at the Lamb's Club Church of the Nazarene on Times Square.  Each fall, beginning in October after 9/11, two vanloads of Trevecca students have volunteered their fall holiday to help the Lamb's Club Church and its ministries to New York City. This trip to Florida continues the student's tradition of devoting their fall break to serving the less fortunate.