Trevecca Nazarene University

Employees recognized for giving excellent customer service

Eddie White, director of financial aid, enjoys lunch with his Trevecca colleagues who were honored during National Customer Service Week.
In preparation for National Customer Service Week, taking place October 4-8, 2004, Trevecca students were invited to nominate University employees who had, in the students' opinions, "gone out of their way to provide effective and significant customer service" to the students. Students responded with their nominations, and the University honored these STARS--persons who deliver Superior Treatment and Royal Service to its student-customers. Each day during National Customer Service Week the winners were announced to the campus, and the public announcements included a summary of the reasons why each employee had earned nomination.

On Friday, October 8, the nominated employees were honored again when they were the guests of President Millard Reed at a luncheon in the President's Dining Room. In his remarks at the luncheon, President Reed said that he was proud of many good things that took place at Trevecca, and he added, "The thing that gives me the most pride about Trevecca is knowing that this school has employees--like you--who care about the students and treat the students well--so well that students take note and want to recognize those employees."

The nomination form asked students to explain what the employee did to earn the nomination. The responses overwhelmingly revealed that the employees who "had made a difference" in the life of a student had done so by doing simple acts of kindness and caring. Students' responses included the following: "He listened to me," " She smiles at me whenever she sees me," "He was interested in getting to know me and treated me like an adult," and "She acts as if I am the most important person in the world."

Employees who were honored for their customer service are the following:
Jea Agee, faculty (business)
Mike Brown, plant operations
Gayle Carver, church relations (secretary)
Jose Colon, environmental services
Patty Cook, enrollment management
Gary Farmer, faculty (communications)
Tina Fish, Trevecca Clinic (receptionist)
Bryce Fox, faculty (psychology)
Shane Kelley, faculty (sciences)
Anita Lilliard, food services
Alan Matthews, faculty (business)
Linda Porch, financial services
Kylie Pruitt, financial services
Ardeth Tacuara, environmental services
Roche Terblanche, information technology services
Eddie White, financial aid
Lena Welch, faculty (communication)

The University community congratulates these persons and thanks them for their efforts to ensure that the Trevecca community is kind and caring.