Trevecca Nazarene University

Students arrange for friend to visit dad before his deployment

Stacey Wadding, Trevecca senior, and her father, Arnold Wadding, U.s.Army
Stacey Wadding's request for prayer for her father, Arnold Wadding, and his upcoming deployment with the U.S. Army to Afghanistan turned into a secret project for her friends in a her weekly Bible study group. Her friends decided that they would pray, but they decided that they wanted to do something else--something to surprise Stacey.

Without Stacey's knowledge they made plans to send Stacey to visit her parents in Hawaii where he father is stationed as a warrant officer for the U.S. Army. Within thirty minutes her friends collected more than $700, which they used to purchase a plane ticket for Stacey. Then the friends contacted Stacey's parents and told the Waddings that they could expect Stacey home for fall break and that Stacey would be there to say good-bye when her dad would be deployed on Oct. 11.

During the last few days before fall break began on Oct. 8, Stacey's friends told her what they had done. A tearful and very grateful Stacey could not believe what she heard; however, on Oct. 8 she boarded a plane for Hawaii and headed for a happy family reunion. She joined her father, mother, and brother in Mililani, Hawaii, and the four of them had some quality family time before her dad departed for a five- or six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

From Afghanistan Arnold Wadding contacted the University to find out how he could express his thanks to the students who had been such "good Samaritans" to his daughter and his family. It was his note that alerted the University to the actions of these "good Samaritans," who had done their good deeds quietly and secretly.