Trevecca Nazarene University

Angel Tree Christmas Party welcomes 200 "angels"

Jana Ragan, Valerie Hicks, Christina Stanley, Laura Allen, Ryan Savoy, and Whitney Carriker collaborated to buy presents for three children.
The annual Angel Tree Christmas Party was, according to its planners, a success. Angel Tree is a ministry through which students of Trevecca and groups associated with Trevecca sponsor one child or more by purchasing gifts and giving them to the children at the Christmas party. The campus ministries council was able to recruit more than 120 sponsors for about 200 ìangels.î

The tradition of the Angel Tree Ministry began the Christmas of 1998 under the leadership of University Chaplain Tim Green. Since then, sponsors have provided merriment and gifts for children who might otherwise have a bleak holiday seasonóspecifically children who have a parent who is incarcerated.

The evening began with the children and their guardians and ìangelî sponsors meeting each other as they waited for the meal. Pioneer Food Services served a special meal, one that was appealing to children because it included a perennial favorite of childrenómacaroni and cheese. Following the meal, Rob Allred shared the Christmas story from the Bible. Gifts were distributed and opened, and the party concluded with a movie in TSAC.

The next ministry event sponsored by the campus ministries council is the Thirty-Hour Famine on January 28-29, 2005. For every meal that students fast, Pioneer Food Services will donate the cost of that meal to Thirty-Hour Famine organization.