Trevecca Nazarene University

Statue of Christ--a new focal point for the campus

Plans are underway to install a bronze statue of Christ in the roundabout that is part of the main drive into the campus. The efforts of Alumni Association Board of Directors with the leadership of alumna Cindy Jones have made this project a reality. The statue will be located on the grassy knoll that is in the roundabout  at the juncture of Lester and Hart Streets. The statue of Christ with outstretched arms that hold a basin and towel is the work of Colorado-artist Tim Stearman. The bronze statue will be installed on a rock base that will match the stonework in the entryway, and will stand approximately 16 feet tall from the ground to the tip of the head. Mounted in the stonework base will be the inscription, ìDo as I have done.î This statue with its inscription will be a visible symbol of Treveccaís mission to produce servant-leaders.
   The architects are preparing the plans for the base and for the landscaping and lighting that will be used around the statue. When the base and area are prepared, the statue will be installed.
   Approximately $12,000 is needed to complete this project. The Office of Alumni Services is accepting gifts for this project. Donors who have contributed to this project have expressed excitement that Trevecca's campus will soon have a dominant Christian symbol to greet visitors who enter the campus. Anyone who would like to be part of this effort should contact Nancy Dunlap, director of alumni services, at 615-248-1238.