Trevecca Nazarene University

Students treat inner-city kids to the zoo

Forty Trevecca students enjoyed a day at the Nashville Zoo with 18 kids from the Napier community, a small community just blocks away from Trevecca. The students and kids entertained one another in comfortable weather for a tour of the zoo, a sack lunch outside, and playtime on the jungle gym at the zoo.

        Welcome Week is a week designated for daily social activities. It is the first week students return back to school and is sponsored by the Social Life Committee. The week is usually full of activities that focus on internal relations within the student body. Welcome Week 2005 was different from the previous years in that it sponsored this trip to the zoo—an activity that encouraged external relations of the student body with the surrounding community.

        This activity set the tone for the year—a tone of service. Vice President of the Social Life Committee Ryan Arnett says, “This year I wanted to set a tone of service from the ‘get go’ that stood apart from the expected Student Body Chaplain and ministry leaders. Hopefully, this will express the fact that Trevecca, as a whole, even down to Social Life whose primary goal is to entertain, is concerned with ministry and service to those around us.”