Trevecca Nazarene University

Campus community helps hurricane area

Trevecca students and employees have responded to Hurricane Katrina in the following ways:
  • A special service of prayer was conducted by the SGA.
  • The students, administration, faculty,  and staff, have contributed just under $3000. Of that amount $2200 has been sent to the Mississippi District Chufch of the Nazarene for distribution. The balance will be used for items needed on the work trip.
  • Many items of clothing, food, paper goods, etc. ,were donated and sent with the group from Trevecca Community Church that went  to the area that was hit by the hurricane.
  • Four Trevecca students were part of the group from Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene.
  • Several suitcases were donated to the Habitat Home Store. This luggage was sent to people who were displaced and was intended to provide them a way to contain their belongings while they are relocated.
  • Fifty students are planning to devote the fall break weekend, October 7-11, to serve in Gulfport , Mississippi. The University has chartered a bus for the trip; students will pay their own expenses.



Contributions are being accepted to help with this trip. Money is needed for travel, food, gloves, material, etc.


We could also use a couple of sponsors to travel with the group over fall break.