Trevecca Nazarene University

Arby's promotes charity on campus

Members of the Trevecca community gather around the Arby's bus to obtain information about Big Brother Big Sister.

The Arby’s Charity Bus stopped by Trevecca today to offer sandwich samples to those who would consider participating in the well-known charity “Big Brothers Big Sisters.” The bus parked just outside the Jernigan Student Center, a popular place for socialization and central location on campus.

    Representatives offered pamphlets, documents, pencils, and contact information to visitors to the table. They explained that these programs are more than just a realization of the moral that it is better to give than to receive—the programs offered through Big Brothers Big Sisters reach out to children to enhance and enrich their lives in ways they will always remember.

    The children are between the ages of five and fifteen and remain in the program until their eighteenth birthday or until high school graduation. They form a bond with their mentor by spending time with them in social and academic settings. Even when the mentor may not be able to help them with their homework, the children do better in school and interact with others more effectively when they receive the benefits of this one-on-one support, according to experience and study.

    If you are local to Davidson County and would like to be involved in this program, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at Trevecca to obtain the appropriate contact information.