Trevecca Nazarene University

President launches "Hot Potato Topics" chapel series

In chapel on February 14, 2006, President Dan Boone launched the "Hot Potato Topics with the President" chapel series, a two-session format in which the first chapel session includes a sermon by Dr. Boone on a topic followed the next day in chapel by a discussion group session on the same topic. The topic of this first session was alcohol consumption.
     In his sermon Dr. Boone began by acknowledging that everyone ultimately must decide for himself or herself whether or not to drink alcohol, and then he asked listeners to use the "ethic of love" as their guide for making that decision. Using the example of Christ, who laid down his life for others, Boone asked listeners to follow that example by "laying down personal rights in favor of a loving choice to improve the world" by not participating in an activity that causes so much destruction and pain in society. To listeners who have already decided not to drink, he admonished  not to use that decision as an opportunity to demonstrate a holier-than-thou attitude (also un-Christlike) but to allow that "ethic of love" to guide their responses. He called for students to follow Christ's example and to allow the Trevecca motto ("To be rather than to seem") to shape their ethics and their lifestyle choices.
    Leaning into the microphone and softening his voice, Boone concluded, "I will admit that I am part of a radically subversive group that is committed to de-stabilizing the use of alcohol in social settings. I pray that you, too, will join in this loving effort to change the world."
    When students entered chapel they were given a card on which they could write their questions about the "hot potato topic" and submit at the conclusion of chapel.  Chapel  on February 15, 2006, will consist of  a discussion of students' questions by a panel composed of chapel attendees on that day.
    The next "Hot Potato Topic with the President" chapels will be held March 21 and 22, when the topic will be human sexuality.