Trevecca Nazarene University

Congressman visits campus

Congressman Jim Cooper is presented with a model size statue of Trevecca's roundabout Christ statue by University President Dan Boone.

U.S. Congressman Jim Cooper visited Trevecca’s campus Thursday, July 6 at the invitation of the University. Cooper met with key cabinet members in an event hosted by University President Dan Boone.  The University wished to introduce Trevecca to the Congressman and also desired to make him aware of various programs and needs within the University.

Cooper was given a tour of various campus buildings and invited to discuss issues pertinent to the University as well as to the Nashville area.  He gave the administrators advice on sources of funding and also urged the University to continue to ask the question “where is the human value of this activity.”  Cooper also spoke on his One Church, One Child program, explaining that he would like every church in Nashville to help support a family to adopt a child from human services. He encouraged Trevecca to take part in encouraging good health within the city by encouraging healthy practices among students and employees. At the close of the event, Cooper was presented with a model size statue of the roundabout Christ statue.

Cooper is currently serving his 8th term as US Congressman representing the fifth Congressional District of Tennessee and the Democratic Party.  He serves on the Armed Services and Budget Committees. He is the son of the late Governor Prentice Cooper of Tennessee. He and wife Martha live in Green hills with their 3 children.

Congressman Jim Cooper (center) is pictured with representatives of Trevecca Nazarene University.