Trevecca Nazarene University

Regina Bennett, featured as Face on the Hill

Assistant Director of Admissions Regina Bennett is featured as Trevecca's "Face on 'the Hill,'" a Website informational section that highlights an employee of the University. Friends, alums, and fellow employees are invited to read more about the accomplishments, the history, and the passions of those involved in our Institution's endeavors.

Regina F. Bennett, Assistant Director of Admissions

As a Trevecca grad and former transfer student herself, current Assistant Director of Admissions Regina F. Bennett, feels blessed to be able to relate and enrich the lives of students who once walked where she had.

Regina works in Enrollment management with transfers, re-admits, and international students who come to Trevecca. Regina finds herself able to uniquely relate to transfer students because she understands their plight of feeling lost in the crowd. She strives to treat each person as an individual with specific needs; not as a number.

“I am huge advocate of education,” said Regina. “Here I can promote the values, standards, and ideals that Trevecca stands for— leadership and service— while encouraging students to complete their education and follow God’s plan for their lives.”

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