Trevecca Nazarene University

Homecoming 2006--Highlights of the weekend

Alumni who returned for "Homecoming on the Hill, 2006" reported that the weekend was fun "from start to finish." Several new events and opportunities added to the excitement.

Some of the highlights included the following:
  • An expanded parade with a distinctive "green" flavor--In addition to the usual floats and parade participants, this year's parade included several entrants represented environmental interests. One float announced the return of a campus recylcing program; the money raised from this venture will go to Napier School, a public school near the campus. University Chaplain Tim Green was the grand marshal of the parade.
  • Many alumni and friends took advantage of Pioneer Foods offer to have dinner on campus before the evening events. Apple Dining Room was filled during the dinner hour, and alumni enjoyed the opportunity to visit with each other during the mealtime.
  • "A Hilltop Home Companion" featured original music about Trevecca themes by alumna Karen Dean Fry and musician Stacy Beams performed by a stage band composed of Trevecca students and sung by Trevecca alums. The humor in the skits was "pure Trevecca"--with advertisements for T-Harmony (a new online dating service that promises to produce perfect romantic matches), recorded sermons by Dan the Preacher Man, and the new Trevecca visitation/burial service (that makes visitations easy for busy friends who can only "drive by").\
  • Following "A Hilltop Home Companion," many campus visitors went to Apple Dining Room for "Pie and the Nashville Sky," pie and coffee refreshments.
  • Some persons then attended the 9 P.M. performance of Smoke on the Mountain.
  • Saturday morning was a blur of reunions, and every available space on campus was in use. One class held its reunion at the Old Spaghetti Factory; another had theirs at Boswell's Cafe in the Harley-Davidson dealership. Alums report that smiles and hugs were abundant at these gatherings.
  • Afternoon ballgames had a new twist--cool air in Moore Gymnasium!!! Alums reported that the atmosphere was a big improvement over the Moore Gym-Sauna of the past. Both teams were victorious in their games, and the homecoming king and queen were crowned--King Chad Uram and Queen Stephanie Byler. The Trevecca Alumni Association honored three persons--Professor Ann Fuqua, McClurkan Award for outstanding service from a non-alumnus; Gerald Quick, T-Award for outstanding service from an alumnus-layperson; and Dan Boone, T-Award for outstanding service from an alumnus-minister.
  • Also on Saturday were two more performances of Smoke on the Mountain (3 P.M. and 7 P.M.).
Preliminary reports indicate that alumni had great fun reconnecting.