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Michael Porter featured as "Face on 'the Hill'"

Michael Porter (right) leads a panel discussion in one of his classes which includes guest panelist Vince Gill.
Michael Porter, assistant to the director of the music business program and assistant professor of music, is featured as Trevecca's "Face on 'the Hill,'" a Website informational section that highlights an employee of the University. Friends, alums, and fellow employees are invited to read more about the accomplishments, the history, and the passions of those involved in our institution's endeavors.

Michael Porter, Assistant to the Director of the Music Business Program; Assistant Professor of Music

Michael Porter ’04 M.S. brings more than thirty years of music industry experience to the classroom as a part of Trevecca’s department of music business.

Porter currently serves as assistant to the director of the music business program, working with Jim Foglesong, a man he calls his mentor.

Foglesong and the nurturing community Porter found at Trevecca is what led him to teach “on the hill.” Prior to working with Trevecca, Porter worked for 30 years as a drummer, a producer, and songwriter and for 20 years as a music publisher and a record executive. His credits include, but are not limited to, songwriter with cuts by John Hiatt and the Everly Brothers; creative work with Vince Gill, Lynard Skynyrd, Emmylou Harris, and others; and work as creative vice president for Brumley Music in Nashville.

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