Trevecca Nazarene University

Campus security--Topic of meeting with Metro Nashville Police Department

On Monday, April 23, the Metro Nashville Police Department hosted a meeting of security personnel from area colleges and univesities for the purpose of strengthening the city-school relationship so that both groups will be able to provide more effective service and security in a potential crisis. Held at the North Precinct, the meeting allowed the police department to present new initiatives designed to deter or contain violence on campuses and to explain how police will respnd in such situations.
Representatives of educational institutions were able to ask questions and present their concerns following the shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech last week. The outcome of the meeting was a request from the department for participating institutions to provide detailed maps of their campuses and then to make an appointment for representatives of the police department to visit the campuses. During that appoinment, the police deparment will share its protocols and procedures and will advise the college or university about ways to "fine tune" that school's "all hazards" emergency plan.

Following the meeting Norm Robinson, Trevecca's director of campus security, noted that all participating schools had spent the past week reviewing and refining their emergency plans and that this meeting would be very helpful in that review process.