Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca personnel ask for community suggestions for service projects

Community leaders attend a luncheon at Trevecca and offer advice and guidance for student service projects.
On Tuesday, July 17, President Boone hosted a luncheon for the purpose of helping student leaders learn about community needs so that student-led community service projects for the coming school year would meet actual community needs. Attending that meeting were the following: Andrew Crimmins, student government chaplain and the student who will provide leadership for those projects; members of Trevecca's Office of the Chaplain; President Boone; and leaders who are engaged in the community around Trevecca-- ministry representatives, a public school principal, and community service workers.

Discussion at the meeting began with the naming of specific community needs that students could address through their community service efforts; however, as the meeting progressed the dialogue focused on the larger, societal issues that plague this part of Nashville, issues that require far-reaching solutions. When the meeting ended some two-plus hours later, participants agreed that  the discussion had been worthwhile for all involved and that they wanted it to continue.

Crimmins said that the meeting was very exciting and encouraging for him as he works with the Office of the Chaplain to make plans that will help students develop an awareness of social justice by becoming involved with the community.