Trevecca Nazarene University

PA students launch effort to help Honduran child

When Trevecca physician assistant (PA) students heard about the plight of a young Honduran girl, they were moved with compassion and wanted to help. Those nine PA students—Mandy Fallos, Heather Howell, Greg Morgan, Melanie Morgan, Steve Muhr, Stephanie Passons, Lisa Pippen, Ben Sexton, and Rebekah Towne—formed Lupita’s Warriors, named after that twelve-year-old Honduran girl.

Lupita Hernandes has xeroderma pigmentosa (XP), a rare disorder that causes her body to be oversensitive to sunlight and other forms of ultraviolet radiation. The XP prevents Lupita’s skin from repairing itself the way normal skin does following exposure to the sun, and her skin develops unsightly melanomas whenever she is exposed to the sun. Moreover, Lupita is losing her eyesight.

The PA students are raising money to help Lupita’s parents purchase a vehicle so that Lupita can be transported without exposure to the sun and UV rays. Her family’s monthly income is $20 when work is available, and her monthly treatments are $100 per month.

Donations to this cause are tax-deductible and can be sent to

            Lupita’s Warriors
            Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene
            335 Murfreesboro Road
            Nashville, TN  37210