Trevecca Nazarene University

MTTI offers training for youth on Trevecca's campus

The Middle Tennessee Teen Institute (MTTI) is holding its 5-day assembly, June 16-21, on Trevecca's campus.

The group is providing education and training in youth development, leadership and prevention
for more than 150 teen leaders, adult advisors, and MTTI Staff.

This year's assembly offers various
formats of training including workshops, seminars, and activities that help young people grow to be strong, healthy individuals who will not only see the value of, but will have the skills needed to make a difference in the community in which they live.
The mission of Middle Tennessee Teen Institute is to empower the youth of Tennessee to lead by example and to take a proactive role in bringing about positive changes. MTTI empowers young people with skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to make healthy choices, build positive relationships and contribute to their schools and communities in meaningful ways.

MTTI is sponsored in part by the Tennessee Department of Health, Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services.