Trevecca Nazarene University

Professor sends materials to nursing college in Swaziland

Professor Chris Farrell packs boxes of computers to send to Swaziland.

Trevecca Nazarene University’s Chris Farrell recently led efforts to collect and mail useful materials to Nazarene Nursing College in Swaziland.

Farrell is a professor of Biology at Trevecca. He has helped to gather 18 used laptops and 12 boxes of medical books to send to

Nazarene Nursing College in Swaziland, the only medical school in Swaziland has an enrollment of 250 nurses.

Farrell was introduced to the need by missionaries Robert Aldridge and Shirley Caldwell.

Medical boxes were gathered from Trevecca’s offices, as well as from Vanderbilt and Lipscomb Universities. They will help build the nursing college’s presently small library. Computers were collected from friends of the University and were given new internet cards before being shipped to Swaziland.