Trevecca Nazarene University

Speer Family sings in Holiness and the Arts Chapel

When the University celebrated Holiness and the Arts in chapel on Thursday, Oct. 2, gospel music’s Speer Family performed. Faye Speer, Mary Tom Reid, and Ben Speer sang two of their group’s famous songs in the special chapel, “Holiness and the Arts: A Community Celebration of a Century of the Arts in the Wesleyan-Holiness Tradition.”

Also on the program were the following:
Jeff Frame, drama professor, read from The Velveteen Rabbit. Lena Hegi Welch, communication profressor, read two poems by poets who were Trevecca alumni. Randy Carden, psychology professor, showed slides of his and Betsy Karonous's art and told how his newfound interest in painting had opened his eyes to the world around him. Matthew Murdock, music professor, and the Trevecca Jazz Band performed.

The service was held at 9:30 AM in the sanctuary of Trevecca Community Church.