Trevecca Nazarene University

Seeing Trevecca as "more than"

The icon at the top of the right-hand links on the homepage of this site asks a perplexing question: What's your More Than? Users who click on that logo will be introduced to Trevecca's new marketing effort that is aimed at high school prospects and will immediately get the feeling that "Trevecca is more than a college."

That "More Than" language is an effort to capture those qualities of Trevecca that make it unique among colleges and universities. Those words express the way that Trevecca creates a college experience that meets needs beyond that need to learn. Like other colleges and universities, Trevecca offers classes, majors and minors, sports, campus-life activities, clubs and organizations, and the usual college experiences; however, Trevecca offers more than what students expect to find at a college or university. Trevecca promises students a college experience that prepares them for a life's work with that added More Than--empowerment, encouragement, personal support, and lifelong relationships.

The "More Than" language also addresses the needs of  high school students who are looking at the future and wondering what it holds for them. They are ready to take on more than they have tackled in the past, but they also have a need to know what are their innate skills and strengths that will enable them to be more than they have been in the past.

On, users can listen to the "More Than" stories of current Trevecca students, be prompted to explore their own personal "More Than," and find out how they can schedule a tour to see for themselves about Trevecca.
With much more than to come, stay tuned. And by the way, what's your more than?