Trevecca Nazarene University

Madrigal Christmas Canteen 2008, The Big Broadcast!

In the tradition of Christmas classics such as White Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life, the Madrigal Christmas Canteen captured the nostalgia of Christmas with a performance billed The Big Broadcast.


Blend that experience with the fun and frolics of the Trevecca Madragalians, add a splash of glittering costumes and scenery, and you have the exact recipe for one of the Madrigals’ favorite and most enjoyable events of the Christmas season aptly billed as the Madrigalian Christmas Canteen of 2008 …The Big Broadcast!


Benson auditorium was transformed for one weekend in December to reflect the fabulous forties. There was a family living room scene in the foyer complete with crackling glowing fireplace and comfy chairs. Stockings were hung and an antique radio appropriate to the period wailed out classic crooner standards. There were energetic hostesses in glamorous gowns seating patrons, while soldier boys sold tickets like war bonds for the evening’s show and desert affair. Everyone was escorted to candle-lit tables.


Two tuxedo clad gentlemen (the emcees for the evening) welcomed the audience with all the style and pomp of the great radio era. Later, the curtain would rise to reveal a winter wonderland of snow and crystal-lit trees, lighted arches, and an assortment of one act musical numbers right out of the war-torn forties. Each evening, the show closed with three Christmas Madrigal-style songs and the haunting refrain from “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”


The event was directed by senior student Kimberly Overstreet as a means for the Madrigals to give a special Christmas gift of appreciation to the faculty, staff, administration, student body, and the community of Trevecca Nazarene University.


Tickets for the show, desert and coffee were 5 dollars per person. After cost, the three performances yielded approximately $1,000. The amount was applied directly to the Mads’ summer tour fund. In the coming summer, the Mads will make a tour of Hawaii.


One guest said, “I left feeling that I had experienced Christmas in all of its glory; the story of the Christ child, the celebrations, the carols and the good memories of Christmases past and present.”


The Madrigalians wish to extend a special thank you to Dr. Tim Cierpke, “whose vision and musical expertise always encourages excellence, diligence and new musical frontiers!”