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Jim Foglesong honored

Foglesong is greeted by Barbara Mandrell who was one of many old friends who came to wish him well. For a full photo gallery, click on the image above.

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Jim Foglesong, director of Trevecca’s Music Business Program and Country Music Hall of Fame member, was recognized by Trevecca Nazarene University as “distinguished professor,” a title bestowed only two other times in the 108-year history of the University. The ceremony was part of Trevecca’s April 14th Teaching Excellence Convocation.


Provost Steve Pusey introduced Foglesong to the convocation audience as an example of the kind of teaching excellence that the event celebrates. He recounted Foglesong’s lifetime of contributions to the country music business industry and noted that Foglesong had coached and mentored many artists who went on to careers of distinction: “Jim placed others in the limelight and took his joy from their accomplishments,” Pusey said. After reading a citation about Foglesong’s contributions to Trevecca, Pusey and President Boone presented Foglesong with a new title—Trevecca Distinguished Professor of Music Business—and a Trevecca medallion.


Many of the artists that Foglesong helped launch joined in the events of the day including Barbara Mandrell, Reba McEntire, Duane Allen and Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys, Mark Miller and Hobie Hubbard of Sawyer Brown, and John Conlee. Speaking for the many artists whom he helped get started in the music business industry, county music legend Barbara Mandrell thanked Foglesong for the many ways that he had helped her career, for the kindnesses and hospitality that he and his wife, Toni, had shown her and her family, and for the blessings of a 30-year friendship with them. “They love our Lord and it shows in everything they do,” said Mandrell.


Following the convocation the University hosted a reception and luncheon in honor of Foglesong. At that event associates of Foglesong during his career as the chief executive of four major music publishing companies, country musicians with whom he had worked, the director of his church choir (in which he still sings), the chair of Trevecca’s Department of Music, and his current and former students paid tribute to him and his influence on their lives.


They praised Foglesong. “He always had an open door.”  “He gave back and continues to give back.”  “There will not be another country music executive who will accomplish what [he] has done.” “Jim treated artists with honesty, care, and personal interest.”  “Integrity and character are the hallmarks of his career.” “[He] demonstrates such faithfulness to the church and to God’s music.” Duane Allen, of the Oak Ridge Boys, reminded listeners that Jim Foglesong is known as “the gentle man of country music.”


In his remarks about Foglesong’s impact upon Trevecca, Trevecca President Dan Boone said, “At age 70 when he could have retired and enjoyed life, Jim Foglesong chose to return to college to become a really cool university professor. He crafted a music business program that would serve well the music business industry by producing graduates with the same humility, honesty, and character that he has. He clones himself! In a world of arrogance, he has produced students who have his simple grace and dignity.”


Foglesong, who has announced his intention to move to part-time status in the fall, will continue to teach in the Music Business Program.

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